Ramadan Planner 2024

Elevate Your Ramadan Experience with Our Exclusive Planner 🌙

Welcome to a month-long journey of intention, mindfulness, and spiritual enrichment. Our Ramadan Planner, designed for scholars and seekers, is your guide to a purposeful Ramadan.


  1. Setting Intentions: Clarify your goals for the month.

  2. Daily Tracker: Cultivate a mindful routine aligned with Ramadan's essence.

  3. Weekly Reflection: Pause, reflect, express gratitude, and set fresh intentions.

  4. 10 Last Days Checklist: Ensure a spiritually charged conclusion.

  5. 30-Day Ramadan Challenge: Elevate spirituality with daily challenges starting tomorrow.

  6. Fun Ramadan Bingo: Infuse joy into your month with interactive bingo.

🤲 Charitable Contribution: 15% of your £17 purchase aids those in need.

Wishing You a Blessed Ramadan: May this month bring peace, joy, and profound reflection. Thank you for choosing purpose and connection this Ramadan.

With blessings,

The Scholars Mindset

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Ramadan Planner 2024