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Tomas Cerskus
CTO & Co-Founder of Pensight
Machine Learning (Audio Classification)
Front-end: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular
Back-end: Python, Java, Kotlin
Internet-of-Things Infrastructure
Embedded Hardware and Software
Wireless Mesh Networking
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• Assembled and managed a team of software engineers to bring the company from the idea stage to having a global large-scale network of gunshot detectors.
• Architected and implemented both embedded and cloud software (Google Cloud Project) for production, installation, operation, and monitoring of gunshot detector networks.
• Wrote a gunshot detection pipeline (Linux audio driver, filtering and impulse detection, Machine Learning with TensorFlow).
• Co-authored a system to automatically notify emergency services and connect them to a conference call with building security.
• Co-authored a real-time responsive interface based on Angular 7+ for monitoring active gunshot detector devices and providing tracking during an active shooter scenario.

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