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Amy Rainbow

X3 🇬🇧 Former UK Champion | Artistic Roller Skating Instructor & Edea Spinner Expert

EDEA Spinner Private Lesson (Single)

1:1 Session — 1 hour


Hi there!

So, you’ve bought a spinner… and it lives in a drawer?

Or, you’ve seen videos on social media and wanted to give it a try yourself? …Well, you’re in the perfect place!

I have been using a spinner for 10+ years and with that I have learnt the correct entries and techniques to make the learning process for you effortless + fun!

During the session:

  • Lessons are 1 hour

  • We will go through all 3 base spinning positions - so that you can practice with confidence!

  • We will learn: Back Inside upright, Back Outside upright & Forward Outside Upright spin + a sit-spin entry if you take to the uprights well.

  • We will talk about how this practice translates to roller skating & how you can implement these teachings into your skate-practice!

After the session:

  • You will receive a PDF outlining the key points for all 3 base spin positions, helping you to practice with confidence!

  • You will own the lesson recording which you can watch back as many times as you like!

  • You will know all 3 base spin positions & can practice with confidence!

4 Weeks later:

  • I do suggest after 4 weeks of practice, to re-book in to have a follow-up session where we can elaborate on the techniques you have learnt and progress the spinning positions further.

  • This could be learning sit-spins, leg grabs & other fun spinning variations!

  • Please ask for the ÂŁ5 off discount code if this is your follow-up session

What you need:

  • A Edea Spinner

  • A flat surfaced space - you need a space big enough to spin with your leg fully extended to the front.

  • Phone/laptop/iPad

  • Tripod (optional, but helpful)

  • Wireless Headphones (optional but helpful)

  • Your camera set up in a space where I can see you’re entire body

See the video below for a montage of clients on their FIRST LESSON!

You can be spinning like this too!