BGP Affirmation Coloring Sampler

Thanks for checking out our affirmation coloring sampler!

While geared towards girls, anyone can use these pages. Our goal is to help you support the young women in your life. It's never too early to begin affirmations and whatever you say after "I am, you are.

You'll notice that the images are of women, not girls. Why did we do this? We want to remind girls that Black womanhood is beautiful and aspirational. It is not somethng to be tolerated or endured. We want them to know that they have every right to blossom into beautiful, healthy woman and that they don't need to settle.

In short, the images are affirmations too. Again, thank you for downloading, and stay tuned for the full coloring book, which will be offered soon.

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BGP Affirmation Coloring Sampler