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The Black Girl Project

Education. Community. Spirit. Power.

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  • The Black Girl Project is a socially engaged community education and wellness project that deploys Black Feminist Technologies in service to women, girls, and femmes. It uses the cultural productions (visual art, film, literature and music) of Black women to engage our communities in increasing literacy and critical thinking, and creating the lives they want/need to not only survive, but thrive.

    This space is grounded in creating space and resources to assist in carrying out the BGP mission, which includes easing the disconnection that many of us find ourselves experiencing and create a revival of sisterhood. The work is here to help foster the connections within ourselves, with others, and curate experiences that assist in creating a shift in focus, thinking, and being—individually collectively.

    This space helps to reimagine, remix, and reframe how we see and experience ourselves and the world around us.
    We are excited for this journey. What you will find here will include:

    Reading Lists and Recommendations
    Informational Videos
    Courses + Workshops

    Exhibitions + Curated Events

    Exclusive + Early Access + Discounts for Events

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