Food Addiction Fix

My tips and tricks will satisfy your palette, balance your gut flora, and optimize your healthy outlook.

I can take you from boring, unsatisfying healthy meals, to guilt-free gourmet style dishes that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Problem foods aren't a problem when you have a tasty alternative.

I'm Crush Foster, and for 15 years I''ve been helping people resolve digestion challenges, rebuild gut flora and lead healthier lives as an Alkaline Healing Chef and Digestive Coach.

Did you know that 73% of the U.S food supply is ultra-processed? And 52 percent of those foods are cheaper than less processed alternatives?

Aren't you tired of trying to "get healthy" when the FDA is allowing detrimental ingredients and preservatives in even the plant based and gluten free options?

  • Master Creative Recipes

  • Simplify Meal Prep and Storage

  • Brilliant Video Instruction

  • Conquer The Fridge

  • Grocery Strategies That WORK

And 2 Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: The Breezy Work Week

  • Bonus 2: Essential Sauces

You will have a bullet proof plan for healthy eating habits for the rest of your life and you can securely know you will never have a preventable illness because you will have the exact plan and strtegy to be safeguarded against the #1 killer in America, processed foods.

Create worry free meals without overthinking it. Enjoy upgraded snacks and kill cravings to excessive sugar and starch.

My system is derived from 15 years in the food service private lesson industry. Let me make you a healthy chef at home. I'll give you everything you need to redefine your relationship with food.

Get access to ME personally for questions and additional know how starting today!

You don't have to change the menu, just the unhealthy ingredients. Let me show you how to create foods that mimic the foods you love minus the inflammation and weight gain. I've been there and so has my wife. @CrushFoster & @KellyKeeloFoster Follow us if you don't already for daily inspiration!

Course Overview

    • Least Detrimental Foods
    • Important Considerations
    • Travel With Tea
    • Set To Win
    • Soul Food Recipes
    • Beeph Recipes
    • Chicken Change Outs
    • Phish Dishes
    • Breads & Cakes
    • Chips & Crackers
    • Time Saving Gadgets
    • The Daily Schedule
    • Avoid The Haters
    • Essential Sauces
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Food Addiction Fix