Magic Wand: HBP Management

Welcome to the Magic Wand BP Maintenance Group

SPECIAL NOTICE: For this workshop it is required that you have already taken the High Blood Pressure Protocol.

Here's how it works:

We begin with a live workshop on getting set up to address high blood pressure and inflammation.

Well cover:

  • Preparing the right herbs

  • Mapping out our meal plan

  • Creating a schedule

  • Gathering the right tools

  • Recording progress

  • Documenting results

You'll get a full week of one-on-one access to me...


  • I'll send you daily writing pep talks & check-ins

  • You can message me whenever you're feeling stuck (or waiting on will power to show back up)

  • I'll guide you through cravings, temptation, triggers and life’s curve-balls in real time

7 days later we end with another live workshop to recap...and you'll finish the week with lots of momentum & tons of documented, tangible progress on your new modes of operation.

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Magic Wand: HBP Management

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