Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life - Soul Awareness

Radical Healing to Be Real & Love Life - Soul Awareness is a Self-Study course spread out over 2 months for you to work at your own pace.

You will receive:

- 3 Radical Forgiveness Videos & Community – you are introduced to the overall foundation of the work to prepare you for the teachings, including an online private Facebook community (optional).

- Going Through the Ages Exercise & Discovering Your Patterns mp3 – this foundational first step guides you to discover a deeper awareness of your subconscious patterns. You will be invited to create a historical map of your life events so you have a blueprint to work with in the course materials.

- Radically Forgive Your Past to Find Freedom in the Present – 6 weekly coaching videos (9 hrs of teachings/healings with worksheets) – learn and experience the healing processes of Radical Forgiveness & Radical Self-Forgiveness to release guilt & shame. Including teachings to Raise Your Vibrational Energy, four Radical Healing Processes, one Inner Child Healing Meditation & assignments to integrate the teachings.

- Bonus: 90 min. Workshop: – Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Flow & Success gives you knowledge & best practices to support you in mastering your energy so you can go with the flow of life. Because it’s a journey not a destination.

- Bonus: Lower Chakra Activation Meditation: In order to take aligned and powerful action our energy centres just be cleared and balanced. This guided activation will wake up your 3 lower chakras so the healing work will flow more easily so you can let go of fear, guilt and uncertainty.

- Bonus: E-book – Cultivating Happiness: practical, essential practices to be happy & love life!

Course Overview

    • Beginning with the Foundations of Radical Forgiveness
    • Creating Your Blueprint to Healing
    • Session One - An Overview of Radical Forgiveness
    • Session One Homework
    • Prepare for Session Two
    • Session Two: The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
    • Self Care Check In & Further Integration
    • Prepare for Session Three
    • Session Three Pt 1: Who's Energy is Stuck - Intuitive Exercise
    • Session Three Pt 2: Satori 7 Step Forgiveness Process
    • Prepare for Session Four
    • Session Four: Radical Self-Forgiveness / Self-Acceptance
    • A Letting Go Ritual
    • Prepare for Session Five
    • Session Five: Radical Self-Forgiveness/Acceptance Worksheet
    • Prepare for Session Six
    • Session Six - Shame, Beliefs & Healing the Core Wounds of Self
    • Pausing and Being With it All
    • Congratulations! Let's Review
    • Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Flow & Success Workshop
    • Cultivating Happiness E-Book
    • Lower Chakras Meditation Activation
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Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life - Soul Awareness


C$116/month x 2

or C$229 once