Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life - Soul Alignment

Radical Healing to Be Real & Love Life Level 2 is a Self-Study, Group & Private Coaching course spread out over 3.5 months.

You will receive:

- 3 Radical Forgiveness Videos & Community – you are introduced to the overall foundation of the work to prepare you for the teachings, including an online private Facebook community (optional).

- Going Through the Ages Exercise & Discovering Your Patterns mp3 – this foundational first step guides you to discover a deeper awareness of your subconscious patterns. You will create a historical map of your life events so you have a blueprint to work with in the course materials.

- Radically Forgive Your Past to Find Freedom in the Present – 6 weekly coaching videos (9 hrs of teachings/healings with worksheets) – learn and experience the healing processes of Radical Forgiveness & Radical Self-Forgiveness to release guilt & shame. Including teachings to Raise Your Vibrational Energy, four Radical Healing Processes, one Inner Child Healing Meditation & assignments to integrate the teachings.

- Bonus: 90 min. Workshop: – Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Flow & Success gives you knowledge & best practices to support you in mastering your energy so you can go with the flow of life. Because it’s a journey not a destination.

- Bonus: Lower Chakra Activation Meditation: In order to take aligned and powerful action our energy centres just be cleared and balanced. This guided activation will wake up your 3 lower chakras so the healing work will flow more easily so you can let go of fear, guilt and uncertainty.

- Bonus: E-book – Cultivating Happiness: practical, essential practices to be happy & love life!

- Let’s Get Real Self Assessment with personal review by Lorree and a journey plan – get clear on your core values, what you want & don’t want in your life, why you desire it & how you want to feel daily. (This is also an opportunity for deep reflection on your relationships with yourself & others so you can be honest & gain clarity on where you stand now & who you aspire your future self to be.)

- Awaken Your Radical Self – 3 Audio Trainings with worksheets – you will be guided to peel back the layers to *innerstand your emotions, judgments, & expectations by tracking your patterns so you can transform your core negative belief systems.

-3 Monthly 1:1 Private Sessions (1 hr per month) -customized accountability with gentle, loving support to work through the teachings & integrate the learning personalized to you.

-3 Monthly Open Group Coaching Session – receive laser coaching in a small group on whatever is coming up for you as you work through the program materials. (4th Monday @7pm eastern)

- Bonus: Be Real Meditation mp3 & Soul Care Practices pdf – Daily support to help you build new practices to stay consistent & intentional in your life as you change & grow.

- Bonus: Upper Chakra Activation Meditation: – Living a conscious soul-led life requires our upper chakras to be clear and balanced so we can receive our soul’s wisdom clearly. Use this activation to expand and embody the fullness of your true self.

Course Overview

    • Beginning with the Foundations of Radical Forgiveness
    • Creating Your Blueprint to Healing
    • Discovering Your Core Values
    • Session One - An Overview of Radical Forgiveness
    • Session One Homework
    • Let's Get Real Self-Assessment
    • Group & Private Coaching Sessions
    • Prepare for Session Two
    • Session Two: The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
    • Self Care Check In & Further Integration
    • Prepare for Session Three
    • Session Three Pt 1: Who's Energy is Stuck - Intuitive Exercise
    • Session Three Pt 2: Satori 7 Step Forgiveness Process
    • Prepare for Session Four
    • Session Four: Radical Self-Forgiveness / Self-Acceptance
    • A Letting Go Ritual
    • Reminder to Submit Your Self-Assessment
    • Prepare for Session Five
    • Session Five: Radical Self-Forgiveness/Acceptance Worksheet
    • Prepare for Session Six
    • Session Six - Shame, Beliefs & Healing the Core Wounds of Self
    • Pausing and Being With it All
    • Let's Review Your Progress
    • Re-Evaluating Your Soul's Journey from the Present
    • Managing Anger and Other Juicy Emotions
    • The Feelings Manifesto
    • Collapsing the Story
    • Rewriting the Story
    • Cultivating Happiness E-Book
    • Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Flow & Success Workshop
    • Lower Chakras Meditation Activation
    • Soul Care Practices PDF
    • Be Real Meditation
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Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life - Soul Alignment


C$310/month x 3

or C$899 once