Birth Coaching Session

As a Birth Coach who has used the power of the mind to transform the perception of pain in childbirth into orgasmic pleasure & pain-free birth in my own 5 birth experiences, I also help others have their own blissful births for over the last 2 decades. Here you can book a 1-on-1 birth coaching session with me to get the individualized focus you may desire.

We also have a Magical Bliss Birth Online course with all the magic you need to have your blissful birth experience. Our self-paced online course is designed for women yearning to tap into their divine feminine in order to manifest a blissful, peaceful or even orgasmic birth experience.

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Testimonial: My birth experience was Literally Painless. Thomas was here in 3 pushes and I didn't even tear. And the recovery literally wasn't even a thing. ~Aubree Sellwood

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Birth Coaching Session

1:1 Session — 1 hour