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Maria Grigore

I Help Coaches Get More Clients WITHOUT Paid Advertising šŸš€

The Complete Beginner's Social Media Program

6 Sessions x 1 hour


This 6x sessions program will focus on implementation, tailoring, and iteration of the concepts learned and will equip you with all the concepts you need to get started with social media marketing and create your lead generation system.


šŸ‘‰ How to use social media to get clients + How to make a social media strategy

šŸ‘‰ Nail your brand messaging to attract your perfect clients

šŸ‘‰ How to use lead magnets & email marketing to get leads

šŸ‘‰ Marketing principles & algorithm hacks for Instagram & TikTok

šŸ‘‰ How to amplify your leads and sales on Facebook (Group growth, engagement, DM selling)

šŸ‘‰ How to use simple videos/reels to grow your audience & authority

šŸ‘‰ Build authority and grow your audience through storytelling