Savage Sunday Service

This is my dream yoga class. Pranayama, Sanskrit Mantra, Asana, Bhakti, all for 105 mins. This is not a beginners class. But beginners who are curious about the tradition of yoga are more than welcome. Join only if you can stay for the entire 105 mins. This class is savagely and unapologetically devotional.

Class Layout:

  • Dharma talk/story time/intro to mantra

  • Asana for Meditation

  • Mantra Japa

  • Pranayama

  • Vinyasa

  • Meditation

  • Reiki sent through the entire session

This class is Bhakti through the yoga tradition as interpreted by me. Cleansing of the spirit, mind, and body through this practice is accompanied by Reiki healing. My intention is that you receive exactly what you need.

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Savage Sunday Service

Group Session — sold out - 1 hour, 45 minutes

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