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André Oelofse

Learn to Trust Your Body

  • André Oelofse’s Journey

    André Oelofse has studied and practiced Pilates, Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan and Natural Movement for most of his adult life and has become an expert in these teachings.

    He has made it his life’s journey to find a structured syllabus for targeting the nervous system, teaching how to neutralise excess nervous energy and stay calm, allowing performance under pressure by tapping into the body’s intuitive wisdom and learning to trust it.

    Through students cultivating their bodies in a natural manner they begin to get more into their bodies, learning to move from a heightened awareness, listening to the state of their mind. If feeling edgy, getting into the body following the natural movement principles will allow for calmness to find a creative way forward, effortless and knowing, like the soft yet strong flow of water.

    The 5 natural movement principles are:

    1. Structure

    2. Rhythm

    3. Leverage

    4. Breathing

    5. Timing

    These principles are sequentially related, starting with structure. The second principle hinges off the first and so on, until you go into action. If one principle is out, all is out.

    These principles are based on ancient elite warriors from the battlefield - how to stay composed and fluid whilst under pressure with no mental interference and doubting.

    André continues to integrate his diverse movement training and experience into a unique blend of teachings which he now shares in his classes, workshops and courses in the Cape, South Africa, and Internationally.

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