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Who can see my profile and purchase products?
Anyone with a link to your profile can purchase your products or click on your links. You should add your page link to your bio on socials and share it widely to help your audience find you!

What kind of things can I add to my Pensight profile?
Your profile consists of a few types of blocks:
1. Basic Details - it's your name, profile picture, cover photo, headline (e.g. Life Coach), and links to your socials - you can find and edit them at the top of "My Profile" page.

2. Products - you can add multiple products of different types on your profile. While products can also be private, only visible through private links, they will otherwise show up on your profile as interactive widgets which your clients can click on.

3. Affiliate and other links - use Pensight as your link-in-bio page for everything. Add external links to any other service easily.

4. Content - you can add a few different types of content blocks on your profile: custom links to link to any external pages you like, text blocks, and videos that you can embed from Youtube, TikTok, or Vimeo.

5. Email Form - you can add a quick and free email collection form on your page. You'll always collect client emails with free or paid product sales, but this is an extra way to add it right on your page.

You will also be able to display testimonials that your clients leave for your products and services.

Can I personalize my the appearance of my profile page?

Absolutely! Appearance personalization comes with Pensight Pro and you can select one of our expertly curated themes or customize individual elements:

1. Change background color - you can select one of our favourite colors or gradients or customize it completely. You can also add a background image.
2. Remove cover photo - go for a cleaner look without the cover photo, or remove it when you add a background image.
3. Change product card appearance - bold shadows, transparent cards, hard or soft corners, and more.
4. Change button colors - change background and text colors on the link block buttons.
5. Change Header fonts
6. Remove Pensight logo from the footer

How can I grow my earnings and promote my profile and products?
Share your page everywhere. The more visible you make your profile, and the more traffic you send to it the more likely it is someone will get your product. When you post content that's related to your products always ask people to visit your page to find your products. Adding your Pensight link to your Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram bios will boost your profile further.

How much does it cost to use Pensight?
Pensight membership is free with the Basic plan!
Creators receive 97% of the revenue on their earnings. We apply a 3% card processing fee to payments made on Pensight that includes Stripe fees, but take no additional commission.

If you're looking for more features, like subscription payments, email marketing, and upselling, check out Pensight Pro plan which gives you access to a number of new products and power features. Check out the features and the free trial here.

Can I see the analytics of my profile traffic and earnings?
Yes! You'll be able to track the traffic, orders, and earnings and see how it changes over time. You'll also see clicks on individual links you add to your page. It makes it easy for you to optimize your offering and maximise your earnings over time. For advanced analytics you can connect to Google Analytics to analyze detailed information about who visits your page and from where.

Who owns the content I post on my profile?
You are responsible for any information, data, video, audio, graphics, links, text, or content you upload to Pensight, and for its compliance to the law and Pensight Terms.

We reserve the right to access, read, edit, remove or disclose any content as we determine necessary to comply with any applicable regulation, law,  or legal process, investigate any potential violations or enforce Pensight Terms, investigate and address any security or technical issues, address fraud, answer user support inquiries, or protect our, our user, or public safety, to protect our rights and property.
What kind of products and services can Pensight help me sell and manage?You can sell multiple types of products on Pensight or offer them for free. With each sale we automatically collect clients' name and email address for you.

Digital Products
- this product type allows you to sell any digital product or service on Pensight with a lot of flexibility. Whether that is an e-book, a video, template, course, that you can host directly on Pensight, or a collaboration on Tiktok you can do it here. Scroll down to read more about how it works.

1:1 Meetings - you can sell and manage 1:1 video meetings. Your clients will be able to select a time from availability windows you define and send a paid or free meeting request

Courses - create an online course that your clients can learn from on their own time. When you set up the course you will be able to structure it with chapters and lessons. Each chapter can contain multiple lessons and each lesson can contain videos, text, images, and files. With PRO, you can add a comments section on each lesson and engage your clients further.

Memberships - create a subscription or lifetime access based membership with a private content feed. Once you publish the membership you can start posting in the membership feed, which can contain text, images, videos, and files. Each post can be marked as members-only, or public and include a comments section.

Group Sessions - you can sell tickets to and run group sessions. Pensight users organise group coaching sessions, or classes using Group Sessions. Read more about how it works in more detail below

Group Programs - sell a group coaching program or a live cohort-based course. This is for coaching a group of people over multiple video sessions with a live chat and a members area.

1:1 Coaching Bundles - you can sell packages of multiple coaching sessions as one item. Coaches on Pensight use this product type to sell expensive pre-paid packages and give volume discounts for their users. E.g. "5 Sessions for the price of 4"

Video Q&A - with Video Q&A you can answer your follower questions with recorded videos that you can record on your own time. Your clients can submit a written question or a video and you have 7 days to respond. Creators on Pensight use it to answer follower questions, make reaction videos, or give extra support to their coaching clients.

1:1 Meetings - how do they work?

You can sell or offer 1:1 Meetings for free and they are customisable to your preferences - you can set a title, sales description and cover photo, price, and duration.

Scheduling - When someone requests a meeting with you, you'll receive an email notification with your client's name and booking message. You'll then be able to either accept or decline the meeting request. You can cancel or reschedule a meeting when you log into your Pensight account. There, you'll be able to send a message to your client, suggesting alternative times.

- you can set windows of availability for each day of the week on Pensight calendar and link your Google or Outlook calendars to it. Any events already in your calendar will be taken into account and your availability on Pensight automatically updated. When you accept a meeting, a calendar invite will be sent to you and your client.

More on scheduling and availability in our Help Center here.

Video calls - live video calls are done directly via Pensight on your browser. Video call links are included in the confirmation emails and calendar invites that we send and can also be found on your Dashboard. Clicking on it will open a new browser tab where the meeting will take place. Calls work great on both desktop and mobile browsers and you don't need to download anything. You can record video calls and share recordings with your clients or keep them private.

You can host Pensight meetings on another service or in-person by adding Custom Location in product settings.

Payments - we pre-authorise the payment from your client as they request your time - and initiate the payout when your meeting is finished. For Pro plan users with Accelerated Payouts payouts are initiated immediately after purchase.

Group Sessions - how do they work?

Scheduling - when you create a group session you can set one or more dates for it - they will show up as a selector for your clients when they purchase a ticket. Each date is a separate event for which clients buy tickets separately and you get a separate link and group chat. You can have up to 50 people in each event.

Group Chat - each specific event gets a group chat that you can use to message attendees before, during, or after the group session. You can easily remove clients ability to message in the chat for everyone or individual members and use it as an announcement board. You can also message clients personally from the client list in the event settings.

Video call - the video session happens directly on Pensight in your browser. You have controls over who is allowed to speak, or set defaults for attendee video and audio streams. You can host the meeting outside of Pensight or in person using the Custom Location feature to include your preferred location.

Payment - Pensight initiates your payout within 24h after the event is finished for Basic plan users, and immediately after purchase for Pro plan users.

Coaching Bundles - how do they work?

Scheduling - when setting up Coaching Bundles you can select whether your client will be able to book sessions from your availability after they purchase the bundle themselves or the scheduling left for you. If you allow client to schedule, you will still be able to confirm or reschedule each meeting. Coaching Bundles also support recurring scheduling - you can select a meeting at a certain time and make it repeat for a custom number of times up to the bundle limit.

Payments - when your client purchases a single payment bundle the full bundle price is authorised, and you get paid the full bundle amount after the first meeting is complete.

Video Q&A's - how do they work?

Recording Answers - You can record the answers directly in your browser when you log in to your Pensight account, either on mobile or on desktop.

Answer length - we see that normally clients are most satisfied when the answers are 5-10 minutes long, but you can define the answer length by setting up different Q&A types and provide different length answers for different price.

Answer privacy - the client can opt in to make the answer private, and only visible to them. If they don't, you can choose to add the answer to your profile to show it off as a sample for other prospective clients!

Can I offer freebies and lead magnets on my profile?
Yes, any product type can be offered for free. For things like e-books, files, guides and templates Digital Products are the perfect choice. All you need to do is set the price to 0.
How can I reach the clients who purchase products from me?
You can always reach your clients via Pensight chat or their email address. We create a Pensight chat channel between you and the client after a purchase and you both get email notifications when new messages arrive. The chat is also available during video calls and you can also use it to send links or files.

Can I connect the clients that reach me via my Pensight page to my mailing list?
With Pensight Pro you can automatically add clients to a particular email Segment using Automations in Product settings. You can later use the Segment to send emails to clients directly from Pensight.

Pensight also supports Zapier integrations - which means you can use Zapier to integrate Pensight with thousands of popular apps.For example, you can automatically add someone to your mailing list on Mailchimp or other email service whenever they create an order on Pensight.

You can learn more about Zapier here.

Can I make and save notes when interacting with clients on Pensight?
Yes! You can access notes, that are organized by client via chat - once you select the client from the chat channel list, you'll see notes on the right hand side. They are private and only visible to you.

Can I record 1:1 Session and Group Session video calls?
Pensight video calls have built-in recording function, where you can choose to record the sessions and the recording will appear in the chat after you are done for you and your client. You can choose to start or stop recording at any time during the session and create as many recording as you want.

You'll always be able to access them in Pensight chat and you can download them from there too. Recordings work for both 1:1 Sessions and Group Sessions.
How will I get paid?
Payouts are made directly to your bank account via Stripe. You can find the full list of countries we support for payouts here (excluding Extended Network and Invite Only countries).

We use Stripe as our payments provider. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up once you create your Pensight page. Make sure you set up your Stripe before you start selling products to ensure that you are able to accept payments and get paid for the sales you make. Without a Stripe account set up, it's only possible to hold clients' payments details but not charge them.

How much should I charge?
We recommend starting with a small number and gradually increasing it as you receive more orders. Receiving many orders is a good indicator that you should increase the amount you charge.

How much will I get paid?
Creators receive 97% of the revenue on their earnings. There is a 3% card processing fee to payments made on Pensight that includes Stripe fees, but we take no additional commission.

How quickly will I receive my money?
We use Stripe as a payment provider, and you must set it up before you start selling. The funds go directly to your bank account within 3 business days after the transaction is complete - see the question below for the details on how it works for different types of products.

The very first payout will take 7 days to get to your bank account after the transaction is complete, but the rest of the payouts will be quicker - 3 days if you are in the United States and 7 days outside of the United States.

How do payments work for different product types?
Stripe always authorises the payment for the full amount when the order is made, making sure there are sufficient funds in your clients account, and fully capture the money once the transaction is complete.

With Pensight Pro Accelerated Payouts transactions are considered complete in an hour after the purchase is made. For the Basic plan users transaction is considered complete when:

Digital products - instantly.
Courses - instantly.
1:1 Sessions - when the meeting is finished.
Video Q&A - when you send back the response.
Group Session - when the group session is finished.
Coaching Bundle - after the first session of the bundle is complete.

Memberships and Group Programs are Pro-only products and transactions for them are considered complete at the purchase and at the beginning of each subscription period, there are no extra waiting times.

It may take up to 2-3 business days (US-based users) for the payment to reach your bank account after the transaction is complete depending on your bank. For users outside of the US, it's 7 days.
Referral Program
Does Pensight have a referral or affiliate program?

You get $50 for every person you refer when they earn their first $50. And you can also get 20% of their monthly $29 PRO subscription payments for as long as they subscribe. Anyone who uses your referral link also gets 40% off the first 2 months of Pensight PRO.

You’ll be able to see your referral link once you sign up to Pensight under the “Referrals” tab and track clicks, signups, and conversions. The full terms are here

F‍or Clients

What can I use my account for as a client?
Your client account is created when you make your first purchase and is used for you to have a secure access to your purchases. Your dashboard holds all the information about the purchases you made. There is also a chat where you can talk to the Creator if you purchased a coaching product like 1:1 Session or Coaching Bundle.

If you got a 1:1 Meeting or Coaching Bundle, Groups Session or Program, you'll use your account to be able to join the video calls and the chat with the creator or other session attendees. You'll also be able to make private notes and if sessions were recorded, access the recordings for reviewing them at any time.

For Digital Products, Courses, Memberships and Video Q&A you can use your account to access the products you purchased.
Digital Products
How can I access the product I purchased? - if the digital product is a file, you'll be able to download it directly after the payment. You'll also be able to find it by logging in to Pensight at any point where securely store it for you.

1:1 Sessions

Should I prepare for them? - We advise that you spend 10-15 minutes preparing the questions and the topics that you want to address. Preparation helps to ensure you get the most out of your time with the creator.

Do I need to download anything? - Pensight video meetings run directly in your browser - follow the links in your email notifications or your dashboard and you'll be able to join the calls on desktop or mobile browsers.

What happens if the session time runs out? If the creator has a little extra time and is interested in continuing the conversation - you won’t be charged extra. However, please keep in mind that creators are often very busy and you should schedule an additional session to continue the discussion.

Video Q&A

How quickly can I expect the answer? - the creator has 7 days to respond, but it's often as fast as 2-3 days!

How long will the answer be? - the creator will usually submit an answer of 5-10 minutes, unless they specify otherwise in their profile.

Where can I watch the answer? - You'll be able to watch the answer directly in your Pensight account. We'll notify you by email when you receive it.
If I can't reach the creator via Pensight chat, but I need it urgently, can you help?
Email us at info@pensight.com or try the live chat on the homepage and we'll reach out to the creator for you in case anything happens.

Can you help me find a creator that matches my interests?
Of course! Contact us using the email above or the homepage chat with the topic you want advice on and we’ll get you the right creator.

We can also act as a trusted third party if you need to reach someone who's not yet on Pensight. Just send us the name of a creator you would like to book and the amount you would be willing to pay, and we'll reach out to them on your behalf.
How do payments work?

1:1 Sessions and Video Q&As
- when the creator accepts your request, we will authorize your card for the full amount at the time of booking. If the creator does not make the meeting or answer the question, you can get a refunded.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including VISA,and AMEX. We also acce

Payment plans - when you purchase something using an instalment payment plan you commit to paying the full amount over the course of the payment plan.