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Kevin Allison

Founder of RISK! podcast, Author, Storytelling Coach, Mentor

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Jenn Beaupre

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

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Riccardo Merlini

Professional Drummer and Teacher, Fastest hands on the planet

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Xander Steenbrugge

Deep Learning expert and Youtuber, Machine Learning PhD

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Elle Zee

Singer, Songwriter, Music Teacher

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Jordan Hardgrave

Certified Life Coach, Online course creator, author

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Jacqueline Olive

Independent Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Writer, Speaker, Mentor

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Jillian Richardson

Community Builder, Author of Unlonely Planet, and The Joy List

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Nir Eyal

Founder, investor, bestselling author of "Hooked" and "Indistractable"

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Enid Nolasco

Founder of RAW Storrytelling, Storytelling Coach, Branding Coach

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I've been very impressed with your service. The fact that everything I need is integrated is a game changer

Youtuber, Music Producer and Teacher

It's been very easy to set everything up and I don't need to worry about any logistics

Freelance Growth Hacker

This service is every coach's dream

Youtuber, Career Coach

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