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Art for self healing and technique

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  • CRATE ART is a creative corner for anyone interested in using self expression, journalling, self care or self love on a journey to quiet your mind and heal.

    You do NOT need to be an artist to participate.

    My name is Tabitha and in 2020 I built a successful Art and design business Tamaasa as a solo Mum inspired to begin creating after the passing of my youngest sister. The most beautiful parts of it came out of moments where I got to work with people in healing through the magic of Art.

    In 2022/23 I had three major tragedies hit me, which have shifted my focus to incorporating more expressive art and teaching into my everyday and business.

    In the moments when life has challenged me on a cellular level lately, I kept getting told it wasn’t enough to just run a business, I needed to share my story and help others with healing through Art too. Crate Art is my journal. My Art journal. And my hope is you will follow along and create yours too.

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