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Darie Nani

Business consultant specialising in ideation, bootstrapping and growth mentoring - helping entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.

  • 1:1 Strategy Call

    1:1 Session — 1 hour, 30 minutes


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    Q&A — Video Answer


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  • Testimonials


    Frank S.

    Today I had my Strategy Call, (business call )with Darie Nani and I was blown away by the clarity Darie gave me in 45 minutes, for my business. Amazing and I could see it unroll in front of my eyes, live on my laptop. So grateful for his plan and this start, I can see clearly now and I feel so much stronger now, that the best for my business is still to come👊👊I will recommend Darie to everybody who is still struggling. Get his clarity and his expertise and give your business the best change. Thanks Darie🙏 cheers

    Robin D.

    Darie coached with me last week and gave me 2 things to start working on. He said by the end of the month I would have a client. Today I received an email from a lead to send my pensigth link so she can book me for coaching. It’s before the end of the month and I already have a client. I’m so excited to have had this coaching.

    Maria E.

    I’ve spent 3 yrs tirelessly working on courses, website, programs to no avail, wondering where I’m going wrong? 3 years! My brainstorming session was off the charts and a game changer for my business and vision. I had my fingers in so many pies I had no idea what my MVP was The BEST investment I’ve ever made and one I’ll be recommending to everyone.

    Sharon R.

    Darie is a genius at business solutions and ideas️ I found this session so very helpful and insightful Thankyou Darie, I so value you and you provide priceless value