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Enid Nolasco

Storytelling Coach / Branding Coach / Public Speaker / Brand Designer
Graphic Design
Public Speaking

I truly believe we all have a story to tell as individuals and businesses. And a really good, juicy story, too.

In 2017, I founded and became the host of RAW Storytelling, a true storytelling podcast and live show dedicated to fostering acceptance and understanding one story at a time. Since then, I've coached hundreds of people to share their stories, from the taboo to the most comment of moments, on stage or in their day-to-day lives.  It's been an incredibly rewarding experience that I what to share with others around the world.

I’m also the founder and creative talent behind RAW Made, a branding and design studio focused on building story-worthy brands. I’m an expert in brand development, graphic design, coaching, and project management with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and design industry, and a Master of Fine Arts in Branding.

My love for storytelling, helping others, and my intuitive ability to uncover the story hidden beneath the surface is at the very heart of everything I do.

How I Can Help

I can help you:

- Become a skilled storyteller so you can better communicate with your friends, family, coworkers, and others.

- Work on your public speaking presence and delivery so you can confidently share your experiences.

- Write and share stories that are more engaging to your audience in order to get your point across clearly and effectively.

- Have better communication skills in your personal life.

- Improve your presence as a professional, educator and/or leader.

- Polish a specific story you have been wanting to share in a future book, public speaking event or for fun!

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