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Jenn Beaupre

Passionate about helping folks make fabulous noise 💁🏼‍♀️
Voice Coaching
Belt Voice (Upper mix)

Singing, songwriting and performing for 20 years, coaching for 14. Interesting career moments include appearing on Canadian Idol, collaborating with, and opening for the Moscow Ballet on tour, and a performance in Alberta House at the 2011 Winter Olympics.

How I Can Help

While I can help with anything singing related, my greatest strengths are working with the upper mix voice (belt voice) and shedding classical styling (and adding contemporary vibes). I’m a certified yoga teacher which adds to my coaching skill set surrounding breathing and working through stage nerves. I’m happy to work with vocalists or other coaches looking to brush up on the aforementioned areas. Also, I'm happy to chat about getting started as a voice coach/singing teacher.

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