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Kimberly Coleman

Beloved I wish above All things that you may Prosper, and be in Health, even as your Soul Prospers. -3 John 2

  • Welcome to Prosperity Kimistry! My name is Kimberly Coleman, and I am delighted that you are here. As a multifaceted being, I embrace all the roles in my life. I am a devoted Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Auntie, Cousin, and Friend. I love LOVE, therefore, I am always seeking to uplift and support those around me.

    In addition to these cherished relationships, I am a dedicated Host, Self-Proclaimed Mentor, Coach, and Empowerment Specialist. But above all, I identify myself as a Woman of Faith, recognizing that I am a cherished child of a King.

    This foundation of faith is the foundational principle that I use in every aspect of my life. It is what guides me in serving others with love, compassion, and integrity.

    With a background in Accounting and a degree in Business, I am a certified Entrepreneur with diverse ventures, including Tax Preparation and Credit Restoration. Prior to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I gained valuable experience working at the Internal RE-VENUE Service for several years, as well as holding various positions in Medical Billing and Collections for over two decades.

    At Prosperity Kimistry, my goal is to empower you to unlock your full potential, both spiritually and financially. Through videos, webinars, podcast, and other resources, I am dedicated to help guide you as you navigate to the path of abundance and fulfillment.

    Prosperity Kimistry is a Powerful Business Formula that was birthed after having gone through a tumultuous time of fighting a Corrupt Corpse a.k.a a Corporation in their many attempts of orchestrating fraudulent foreclosure proceedings on my house. During that time I went through just about every "D" emotion in the Dictionary. "D" as in DAMNED, DEBT, DECEIT, DELUSION, DESPAIR, DEFEAT, DEPRESSION,DEPLETION, DISCOURAGEMENT,DESPERATION, Until, I Dug Deep, and DISCOVERED, that I have DOMINION!

    With the Help of the Holy Spirit through "Prayer", I was able to transition from those DREADFUL "D" energies into POWER, when I became PRAYERFUL, POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, PERSISTENT, PASSIONATE, PERSUASIVE AND PRODUCTIVE. I used Particular Principles that Solved Problems. These Particulars created the formula that I now call: "PROSPERITY KIMISTRY".

    With each encounter it is my intention to share either practical and/or spiritual tips, strategies, and insight on personal finance, budgeting, investing, credit restoration, credit management, and debt reduction. and or debt elimination, money making opportunities and more .

    I intend to "metaphorically" help YOU transition from the "Pit to the Palace", Turn your "Pain into Purpose" and your "Disparity into Prosperity."

    Allow me to be your go-to resource for integrating faith, spirituality, and financial wisdom to cultivate a life of abundance, fulfillment, and meaningful impact.

    I challenge you to join this transformative journey towards unlocking your true potential and experiencing prosperity in all areas of your life.

    Kimberly Coleman of Prosperity Kimistry, doing my part to Love you to LIFE!

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