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Sarah Pribis

Actress & Host

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  • Testimonials


    Aaron D.

    Sarah was awesome! She's so knowledgeable in the space and gave me concrete action items to set up my actor profiles and get booked as quickly as possible! Worth the investment!


    Sarah's really approachable & awesome! Gave me a lot of helpful tips! Thank you!

    Hannah S.

    Sarah came prepared and was extremely helpful. Exactly what I needed!

    Jeff G.

    Sarah is a GENUINE pleasure to interact with! Her answer wasn't immediate or trite, it was WELL thought out and it was personal! The response you get will be every bit as good as if you could somehow ask her face to face! Warm, personal and charming! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Jeff G.

    Sarah is SO GREAT! I didn't really ask a question so much as provide her an outlet and a challenge and she delivered a video unlike any other! You should DEFINITELY interact with her because you WON'T regret it!

    Florencia G.

    Do yourself a favor and get coached by Sarah. I am so glad I reached out to her. We went through all the topics that I was struggling with and more! The talk was smooth, clear and specific. I felt she was very honest and shared everything she knows about the business. She is an open book, knowledgeable and her guidance was very helpful. She encouraged me a lot. After the meeting I felt inspired and powerful to step into the next level in my career. 100% recommended.

    Frank C.

    The call with Sarah was great. Sarah was extremely kind and friendly and she was incredibly helpful with providing me with information and answering all my questions. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking guidance.


    Sarah was so incredibly helpful helping me form goals, giving me practical advice and giving me resources that would have taken me an incredible amount of time to learn on my own. She was very personable and friendly and I am so happy with the value of the call that I received. So grateful that she is available to share her knowledge with creators like me!

    Jack B.

    I had a wonderful meeting with Sarah. She knows a lot about the acting industry. She has helped me come up with plans to help my acting career. Highly recommend her as an acting coach.

    Anne N.

    Sarah was wonderful to work with! She was very kind and helpful! Lots of great tips and direction.