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Taha Anwar

Computer Vision Scientist | Founder Bleed AI & Bleed AI Solutions

  • Ask Me Anything, I'll spend at least 30 minutes researching for your problem and then get back to you with a video based reply.

    Q&A — Video Answer


  • 1 on 1 Brain Storming

    1:1 Session — 30 minutes


  • Project Road Mapping

    3 Sessions x 1 hour


  • About me

    I’m Taha, a Computer Vision Engineer, an Applied Scientist, Entrepreneur, and a Mensan. In the past few years alone I have taught Computer Vision courses in Universities, delivered Seminars in events like Pycon, Google Developer Groups, etc, and various other prominent universities. Opensourced a number of computer vision applications and also published a convenience library in Vision on PyPI. Published a number of interesting High-Quality blog posts in Vision at and some at Published a State of the Art course in Computer Vision in Urdu/Hindi language which is unparalleled by any university course in vision. I have also worked with the Official team for a few years.

  • How I can help

    If you need 1 on 1 Consultation on your next Big AI project or Product then I'm here for you.

    I've spent years figuring out what works and what doesn't. I'll help you break your product down and talk about the best AI technologies and tools that you'll need in order to build your product. I'll also guide you regarding the feasibility of your product.

    Here's how I can Help?

    Ask a Question:
    If you need quick advice from me on something then use this option. I'll at least spend at least 30 min personally researching your problem and then I'll send you a video-based reply.

    Book a 30 min with Me:
    If you want to pick my brains for a short call on your next AI Product/project Idea, then this is the ideal option for you. I'll also guide you on how my team can help you build your next AI product.

    Project Roadmapping:
    For a more in-depth session of multiple you should go for this option, my team will help you break your project down and design a plan of action on how to build the product and feasibility of it and make you realize the business potential.

    If you select this plan then:

    • Includes 3x (1 hour) call with Taha Anwar.
    • Include email chat support with the Bleed AI Solutions team
    • Includes documents outlining the full breakdown of steps you need to take to build the product.
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