I work with founders & brands to optimise their growth strategy. Know what experiments your teams need to run and nail down what works for you. I also create content and coach your teams on how to go viral 🥰. Let's meet 🙌

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About me

Hey You 👋 I am Ghita - pronounced as Rita.

+150K followers on Tiktok. I am sharing tech tools, AI research and Saas hacks.
I am work, build and invest in tech startups. I am an expert at finding human-centered automation solutions & developing growth sprints and experimentations to solve business problems.

How I can help

I can help you:

  • Set up a video content strategy

  • Coach your team on all things Tiktok

  • UX review for your SaaS

  • Design a Growth hacking strategy

  • Create content for your brand

  • Customer research and Copywriting guidelines

  • Marketing automation