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Tengo Meskhi

Pensight | Forbes 30u30 | McKinsey | Bank of Georgia | Uni of Cambridge

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    1:1 Session — 15 minutes


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  • About me

    After graduating with an Engineering degree from Cambridge University, I advised Fortune 500 companies and public sector bodies at McKinsey Digital across a wide variety of industries. Following this, I worked as the deputy CIO of the Bank of Georgia, optimising the digital product delivery teams and processes. Now, I'm building Pensight to help experts share their knowledge by connecting them with people who need their expertise.

    How I can help

    Always happy to introduce you to Pensight and explain a few of the ways it can make your life better. Pick a time to meet or ask me a question and I'll send you a short video response!

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  • Testimonials


    Sue W.

    Thank you Tengo for your support and patience. Your advice has been amazing and I look forward to working with the team for long into the future. Kindest Regards Sue.

    Ramonica P.

    Great communication always!

    Bolaji T.

    It covered everything I had questions about.

    Jameka S.

    Great meeting with Tengo. He was very informative about the business and a pleasure to speak with

    Darren H.

    Tengo was very helpful and we had a good chat, no harm in reaching out to learn more!

    Jacob E.

    Easy to access interface, love the flexibility


    Thanks for the comprehensive walkthrough!

    Sabrina C.

    This was my first time on Pensight and I loved the experience! I can't wait to use it for my coaching practice

    Ani K.

    Tengo’s answers are amazing - always very thorough and thoughtful.

    Alyssa K.

    Tengo was extremely helpful in getting me set up. Really excited to get started!

    Rhonda B.

    Tengo and I just finished a fantastic call. He checked on all the open questions I still had and confirmed those aspects that I was still working on. The level of insight and support that Tengo provides is absolutely wonderful.

    Nikoloz K.

    Everything was excellent!!!!