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Jillian Richardson
Author of Unlonely Planet and founder of The Joy List
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Kevin H.
Jillian represents and deeply understands community building in New York City and beyond. She embodies a voice of how a new generation gathers to share experiences, learn and grow....

Oh, hey! I'm Jillian.

I’m a community consultant, public speaker and writer. I help companies like MOO, Contently, and Meetup create connection.

I’m most known for being the founder of The Joy List, a weekly newsletter on a mission to make the world less lonely. I’ve been sending it out every Monday morning for four in New York City.

I also created The Joy List Social, a monthly event where you can show up by yourself and leave with a new friend. Our New York City edition sells out, and is so popular that people started selling fake tickets. That’s how much folks are craving connection.

Last thing: I wrote a book about creating community outside of organized religion, called Un-Lonely Planet.