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Joel Crandall

Kinesiologist: Creator, Developer & Author of VOILA Method

  • $250

    Online or In Person 1 Hour Session

    1:1 Session — 1 hour


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  • VOILA Method:  SOUL-utions, for the Mind & Body & Soul VOILA Method - Its a Must To Experience

    JOEL CRANDALL - Kinesiologist & Exercise Physiologist

    • A session with Joel Crandall is worth its weight in Gold!  The  beautiful way that Joel got me facing up to issues I'd rather not face. The way he got me finding my own answers and not telling me his answers which is what some therapists do a lot of. It was the safe space he held, the humor injected into it to lighten it when needed. The chance to see him balancing me while I'm working through my stuff and the ease at which he works. Joel gave me the courage to face my vulnerabilities and to start dealing with them again at another level of understanding.

    Thank You for your Interest in VOILA Method.  I invite you to look around with an Open Mind & Heart on this Journey we call VOILA.  VOILA Method is SOUL Powerful in enhancing Lives; of Yourself and those around you.

    VOILA Method is a Complete system:  Including a Dynamic & Fluid Assessment to find the root cause that is disturbing the Harmony of the Mind/Body healing.  VOILA Also provides a treatment to restore the Harmony and Balance - whether it be Physical, Emotional or beyond.

    VOILA Method is Simple, Efficient & Effective!

    • Assess, Correct and Align the Body/Mind which creates Balance, Strength and Stability to Achieve optimal strength & performance

    • Restore Breathing Organically

    The ART of LISTENING is the Heart of VOILA Method which makes it Soul Powerful.  Come to a seminar and learn the VOILA Method SOUL-utions for your client and for your Self or Loved ones

    VOILA Method - Its a Must To Experience

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