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Xander Steenbrugge
Deep Learning expert & online content creator
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Convolutional Networks
Reinforcement Learning
Generative Adversarial Networks
Image classification
Object detection
Natural Language Processing
Graph Convolutions
Digital Art
Generative Art
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What others say? (5)
Xander was a very easy person to talk to and provided me with many great insights....
Pranav K.
Xander is very knowledgeable and friendly to talk to. He gave me some valuable inputs for my project, I am very glad that I choose to have this call with him....
Muhammad A.
Had a great time talking to Xander, He's a Great guy, easy to talk to. Candid in every way. Discussed a number of topics from Edtech to AI and DL. High Recommended....
Xi D.
Great experience with Xander, he gave me clear and detailed advices on how to start my project....
Ferenc L.
Very nice person. Pretty much the same as in his YouTube videos. Looking forward to the next session....

I'm a Deep Learning expert with 10+ years of experience applying neural networks to real world problems. I was head of applied AI research at belgian AI scaleup ML6 for 5 years before becoming a freelance consultant.

I'm currently working for a Boston based BioTech startup on computational biology and protein engineering.

I also run a YouTube channel with 60k+ subscribers bringing highly technical videos about Machine Learning:

How I Can Help

10+ years of hands on experience in Deep Learning. Solid understanding of the technical aspects of this domain, as well as the business requirements needed to turn these into practical solutions and products.

I have worked on a huge amount of Deep Learning projects including:

  • Computer Vision (image classification, object detection, segmentation, ...)
  • GANs (image / video generation with GANs, audio generation)
  • NLP (Chatbots, named entity extraction, text summarization, ...)
  • Graph Convolutions (protein folding, social network analysis)
  • Reinforcement Learning (supply chain optimization, maze exploration)
  • Protein Structure prediction and computational protein design

I worked for a cutting-edge AI consulting startup as head of applied ML for 5 years before becoming a freelancer to have more time exploring research applications at the edge of the field.