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Howard Blackburn

Leadership Coach & Business Mentor

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  • 🎉 Hey There Leader! Welcome to Pathrive! 🎉

    I'm Howard Blackburn, your go-to for ditching "busy" & stepping into impactful leadership.

    As a dad, husband & leadership junkie, I get it—having the right support network is a game-changer.

    🚀 Well, I didn't always get it...

    You see,
    Once upon a time, I was addicted.
    Addicted to busy.
    Hustling 24/7, sending emails at ridiculous hours, working on my days off, I even ditched a sport I had been playing for each of the 18yrs previously.

    But guess what?
    In 2016 I had a mentor teach me that real success wasn't about how busy I was.
    True success was found in the impact I had.
    Both at work & most importantly at home.

    For the 3.5 years to follow my life looked alot different.

    I reignited my passion with cricket, I reconnected with the people & passions that mattered most to me & I did this without having to abandon my ambition.

    In fact, my career projection went through the roof.
    I gained multiple promotions, won many awards & more than doubled my salary.

    However, whilst I was fortunate enough to have a mentor help me adapt my priorities, my time & my leadership & create this success - not everyone is provided that in the workplace.

    In fact, it's extremely rare.
    So, in 2020 I left my role in leadership & went out on my own to start my own leadership coaching/mentoring business...Pathrive.

    A business dedicated to making mentorship accessible & helping "busy" retail leaders like myself create more time & lead with impact.

    🌟 What's In It for You, Your Leadership Team & Your Business?

    • For You:

      1. Enhanced Decision-Making: Learn to prioritise effectively, focusing on what truly matters. Leading to more impactful decisions & a clearer vision for your team.

      2. Increased Self-Awareness: Personalised mentoring helps you understand your strengths and areas for growth, leading to personal & professional development.

      3. Improved Work-Life Harmony: Gain strategies to manage your time & responsibilities better, leading to a healthier harmony between work & life.

      Your Leadership Team:

      1. Improved Team Dynamics: When you're more focused & balanced, it positively influences the entire team, fostering a more collaborative & supportive work environment.

      2. Opportunities for Growth: As your team develops, they will often pass on their learnings & skills, providing development opportunities for their team members.

      3. Better Alignment with Organisational Goals: With clearer leadership, teams can align more closely with the broader objectives & values of the business.

      For Your Business:

      1. Enhanced Overall Output: More effective leadership leads to a more focused and efficient workforce, increasing output & delivery of roles.

      2. Stronger Culture: Leaders who embody core values such as authenticity, integrity, & empowerment help to create a positive, thriving corporate culture.

      3. Better Employee Retention: A supportive & growth-oriented environment is attractive to employees, reducing turnover rates.

        Learn more by connecting via our socials or booking a free 20min intro call , I look forward to meeting you!

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