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Jenny Brackman
Helping You Feel Hope Again by Overcoming Dissociation, Anxiety, Complex Trauma, & Compassion Fatigue
Compassion Fatigue & Secondary Traumatic Stress
Parenting (Adoption, Foster and Special Needs)
Complex Trauma
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What others say? (5)
Titas S.
Jenny gave a fantastic answer, took her time and showed attention to detail. Really happy with it!...
Miriam S.
Jenny has a remarkable ability to provide truly helpful, well-timed feedback that gives you the sense that she trusts your own abilities and strengths....
Jenny has so much knowledge, and yet very humbly wants to share what she has learned to improve the lives of others. Very grateful for the feedback and insight during my session with her....
Cheryl F.
Jenny is incredibly helpful and supportive. She draws from her personal experiences and her expansive knowledge base to help process life experiences in a way that allows me to learn and grow to my best self....
Amy C.
I look forward to my sessions with Jenny because I feel so supported, empowered, and heard. She always leaves me with guidance for the week and that helps me feel hopeful and in control. Jenny really gets it, and that’s the most powerful thing. Plus she’s a wealth of resources!...

*Please see scheduling suggestions below***

Hi! My name is Jenny Brackman.

My specialties in coaching are:

Overcoming dissociation

Fast symptom relief for people with complex trauma, ACES and toxic stress

Healing from Compassion Fatigue

Healing from Religious Abuse

I’m a Certified Life Coach through the Certified Life Coach Institute, Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, Certified Trauma Support Specialist and a Certified ACES Trainer.

But most of all, I’m a survivor.

My "specialties" are not listed because I've been trained in them (although I have) but because I've lived it.

I get it.

People often tell me that they’ve been waiting for years to hear something I told them, that I make sense of things that no one else has.

I'm an adoptive and foster parent, and I've walked through the most painful things that could happen in adoption. Right now my kids are 10, 13, 14 and 15 which means I'm in the thick of it.

How I Can Help

I won't assess, diagnose, or treat you--because I can't. But I have a hunch you don't want that anyway. You might be like many of my clients have been there, done that, and still are suffering.

Instead I will walk side-by-side with you as an expert companion.

I've spent ten years developing a relapse prevention plan that works for dissociation, trauma and addiction. I'll help you create your own so you can finally understand what's happening inside your body and brain and what do to about it.

I will teach you ways to help yourself heal that no one ever has before.

Scheduling Suggestions:

If you don't see an appointment time that finds you schedule, please reach out and I will do my best to find something that works for you!