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Jenny Brackman, the Therapist Coach

Helping Clinicians move from Surviving to Thriving, because Helping doesn't have to Hurt

  • Extreme Makeover--Forward-Facing Edition

    10 Sessions x 1 hour


  • Practicum Supervision (already paid)

    1:1 Session — 30 minutes


  • State-Dependent Self-Care plan, part 1 (part 2 is no charge)

    Group Session — sold out - 1 hour, 30 minutes


  • Testimonials


    Natasha D.

    This was such a helpful session to help me get my questions answered. Jenny has a lot of patience and great insight!

    Miriam S.

    Jenny has a remarkable ability to provide truly helpful, well-timed feedback that gives you the sense that she trusts your own abilities and strengths.

    Mercedes S.

    As a therapist, it has been refreshing to work with an expert who can understand and hold space for providers. Jenny is a compassionate, kind, and gentle human being. This experience has been transformational beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you!!!

    Titas S.

    Jenny gave a fantastic answer, took her time and showed attention to detail. Really happy with it!


    Jenny has so much knowledge, and yet very humbly wants to share what she has learned to improve the lives of others. Very grateful for the feedback and insight during my session with her.

    Cheryl F.

    Jenny is incredibly helpful and supportive. She draws from her personal experiences and her expansive knowledge base to help process life experiences in a way that allows me to learn and grow to my best self.

    Amy C.

    I look forward to my sessions with Jenny because I feel so supported, empowered, and heard. She always leaves me with guidance for the week and that helps me feel hopeful and in control. Jenny really gets it, and that’s the most powerful thing. Plus she’s a wealth of resources!

    Mia R.

    Jenny B was friendly, down to earth, and provided the information I was looking for about Forward Facing Freedom.

    Kristine L.

    Jenny is just so accomodating and easy to get comfortable with. She was able to provide a safe space for me.

    Kristine L.

    I am Poy and I am an Addiction Recovery Coach, being a recovering addict myself, I've got a lot of self-doubts, thinking that "I am a fraud", "I will never be good enough", Jenny walked the path with me into tapping into my potentials, navigating my way through the now. I was able to share my thoughts that I cannot share before. She normalized imperfection, and somewhat I began to embrace my imperfections. Thank you Jenny for providing a safe space for me. I would like to do the same for my clients too.

    Bren M.

    Jenny was great! She immediately put me at ease and I felt understood. She helped me to recalibrate, focusing on strengths.

  • Why Coaching?

    Hi! My name is Jenny Brackman.

    I specialize in helping therapists move from surviving to thriving, because helping doesn’t have to hurt.

    People enter the helping professions with a fervor and a fire to change lives, but the painful process of bearing witness to traumas day in and day out brings a mental, physical, relational and spiritual toll, often uncovering past wounds.

    The demands of clinical work often leads to the belief: I don’t have time to deal with this.

    Some of my clients have expressed these shame-laden fears:

    • I can help others, but why can’t I help myself?

    • no one can find out how much I’m struggling

    • I need help, but I'm tired of the medical model; I don't want a diagnosis

    • This could come back to my supervisor, or worse, my state’s licensing board

    These fears take a great deal of energy to suppress and, as a result, their careers are floundering.

    My clients are overjoyed to realize that coaching brings them a degree of anonymity they can’t experience through traditional therapy.

    How did I start coaching therapists? Well, in the words of Bob Ross, it was a happy little accident. I found my own experience with secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue helped me to connect with them. I just had a knack for it, and soon I found I tapped into a  need.

  • Why coach with Jenny Brackman?

    Jenny is a Certified Professional Life Coach, course creator, the Vice-President of the Forward-Facing Institute and a contributing author to Forward-Facing Freedom.

    As Dr. Eric Gentry's protégé , Jenny has spent hundreds of hours under his tutelage, assimilating the active ingredients of Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy, Forward-Facing Professional Resilience, and the Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) for Compassion Fatigue, the world's first evidence-based treatment program for compassion fatigue.

    Her clients appreciate her non-clinical perspective and have often told her that she's helped them faster than any therapy they've tried.

    Not sure? Check out her reviews above and book a free consultation!

  • Forward-Facing Coaching Starter Package

    5 Sessions x 1 hour


  • Forward-Facing Coaching with Jenny

    1:1 Session — 1 hour


  • Supervision for Practicum

    1:1 Session — 30 minutes


  • Initial Consult

    1:1 Session — 30 minutes


  • Ask Me Anything

    Q&A — Video Answer