Maria Grigore

I Help Coaches Get More Clients WITHOUT Paid Advertising πŸš€


I’m Maria - Social Media Consultant and the host of The Coach Tribe Podcast & Newsletter. I help coaches, content creators & startups get more clients and scale their online businesses by leveraging the power of social media and efficient coaching tools. If you're ready to up your social media game, just book the 1-hour consultation (tips & tricks) or directly the 6x package (implementation & results).

πŸ‘‰ Currently, I'm building Pensight, an all-in-one coaching tool to help experts just like you monetize their knowledge and optimize business processes. Always happy to introduce you to Pensight and explain a few of the ways it can make your life better πŸ™Œ

Pick a time to meet or ask me a question, and I'll send you a short video response!πŸš€

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Karin B.
Maria is lovely and approachable. Knowledgeable and provides a great service that looks and feels great.
Charles P.
Thanks for your time! Lovely time to talk with you today. Cheers.
Cadence P.
Efficient use of time and issue resolved.
Trish M.
Maria is a really easy to talk with professional and she is extremely knowledgeable. This was not a sales talk in any way, but simply a conversation about me and my business struggles right now. She offered loads of great, actionable advice. Pensight does look like something I may definitely consider once the webinar features are available.
Anna K.
Maria has great energy, very pleasant to talk to and was able to answer all my questions! Thank you so much for your support!