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✨ About Pensight ✨

We're a rapidly-growing platform giving online coaches and creators a super simple way to set up and run a coaching business. Over 4,000 experts have already signed up and use:

  • A link-in-bio and a personalized sales and coaching site

  • A number of custom coaching products you can sell, from coaching packages to digital products (e.g. eBooks, templates, calendars)

  • High-fidelity video calling and private chat with clients

  • Linked calendar for automated scheduling and a shareable booking links

  • Online course creation

  • Hassle-free payments

  • All the tools to track your growth

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Sarah C
I am a Pensight user. I absolutely love it. I highly recommend you go and grab yourself a free account on here.
I am from Australia and I had a call with Pensight past midnight UK time. If this doesn’t prove that these guys care about their customers I don’t know what else will
Pensight is Top Notch ! I was that guy using Zoom, Uscreen, social media, email, Calendly, Paypal, Stripe and within 2 hours I had everything built on here - life changing!
Pedro A
I am so honored to be a part of Pensight community! You are building something truly unique!
Asana C.
As a new Pensight member I had questions. So, I reached out to the team to schedule an on boarding session right away. I was not disappointed at all. Every question i had was thoroughly addressed. I left our meeting empowered to put the finishing touches on my site. I highly recommend this company!
Pensight has completely changed my coaching business. I have seen 10x growth. It’s easy to use for me and clients love how simple it is. Using Pensight is probably the best strategic decision I’ve made. Recommend it without hesitation
The Pensight platform is waaaaaay cool!!
Jordan H
I have been searching for a long time for a coaching tool that would consolidate all of the various aspects of getting a client, coaching the client, taking payments from the clients. When I saw Pensight I was like “sign me up!” this is like a coach’s dream. It’s almost like I’ve been walking to work for years and then someone is like “here are the keys to a Lamborghini”
Pensight was a game changer. Let Pensight do the logistics, you focus on coaching and changing people’s lives.
I think Pensight is an amazing tool! It is a coaching business in a box. It definitely solves a lot of problems and is very valuable.