Host, sell, and deliver engaging courses

  • Structure courses in Chapters and Lessons
  • Add unlimited videos, text, images, and files
    Engage with clients in lesson comments sections
  • Track participant completion rates
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Structure courses into chapters and lessons

Build an easy to follow structure and course contents your clients will love to learn from
  • Host course videos directly on Pensight
    Or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or TikTok to save time uploading.
  • Allow previewing content on checkout
    Allow previewing certain lessons before purchase and use them as marketing material.
  • Drip course content over time
    Control the learning pace by setting course content to be released after a custom time delay.
  • Create and duplicate unlimited courses
    There are no limits on how many courses you can host on Pensight. Get creating.
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Track activity and completion rates

Easily track how your clients are engaging with the course and retain optionality on how you want to engage with the clients
  • Client chat
    Message any of your clients if you want to provide them with extra support, while protecting your privacy.
  • Comments section
    Engage with your clients in the comments section that you can add to any course lesson.
  • Own your client contacts
    Export your client email list if you want to take it anywhere else. Or connect it to a third party service via Zapier.
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