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  • Sell anything - e-books, downloads, offline services
  • Create a flexible payment gateway for any service
  • Collect emails and offer freebies
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Rapidly experiment with product ideas

It takes minutes to set up a digital product or a simple payment gateway for your custom services.
  • Host products on Pensight or link to them outside
    Upload your files here or add a link to your own storage or other services.
  • Offer custom services
    Use digital products flexibly to offer different services, products, or service packages with different payment options.
  • Create and customize a landing page
    Build a landing page for your digital product that you can link to. Edit it with images, videos, and text the way you like it.
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Sell digital products online today

Maximise your sales and build a sustainable digital product business with tools to grow:
  • Create discount coes
    Easily set up discount codes and coupons for your exclusive offers and marketing campaigns.
  • Add upselling funnels
    Upsell clients at the checkout with other products all in one place: courses, coaching programs, other digital products.
  • Capture client emails
    Collect client emails with each purchase and start building your marketing funnels and mailing lists
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