1:1 Coaching Bundles

Create signature personal coaching programs

  • Multiple sessions inside one coaching package
    Streamlined scheduling for recurring sessions
  • Built-in video calling without disruptions
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No more scheduling back-and forth

Schedule all the bundle meetings in one place. Allow clients to request your time or schedule it yourself.
  • Calendar integrations
    Calendar integrations: integrate with Google and Outlook calendars
  • Scheduling automations
    Auto accept meeting requests or screen each. Define your recurring availability and never get double booked.
  • Email, calendar, and SMS reminders for you and clients
    Feel relaxed about your meetings with reminders for you and your clients in addition to calendar invites.
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Video calling without disruptions

All your video calling in one place. Without limits.
  • Unlimited built-in video calling
    No third party apps to navigate. Screen share, mute participants, turn participant videos off, promote to speaker, bring in guests.
  • Video call recording and playback
    Make them private to you or share with the group; replay inside or download. All the videos saved in the chat for easy access.
  • Client chat
    Accessible during the calls or outside of them and available for as long as you need.
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