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1:1 Coaching
Scheduling, calendar integrations, video calling and recoding, session chat, and testimonials- it's all inside.

Run your coaching from individual session to coaching packages all in one place.
1:1 coaching tools on Pensight
Group Coaching on Pensight
Exclusive subscriber content feed for members.

Take subscription payments, post exclusive content, and chat with members in comments.
Digital Products
Sell anything - e-books, guides, videos, templates. Rapidly experiment and launch in minutes.
Digital Products on Pensight
Structure courses into chapters and lessons, fill them in with videos, images, text, and files. Unlimited hosting.
Free course builder on Pensight
Group Coaching and Events
Sell group coaching packages or individual events the way you like it.

Group chat, automated scheduling, session recording, and host controls now in one place.
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Video Q&A
AMA's, reaction videos, shoutouts - set up fun asynchronous interactions with your followers.
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What our users are saying:

Vicki Reisima
Life coach
Thank you for creating such a user friendly experience! I have only just started on podia, but I'm taking the time of converting over to here. It just seems so much more aligned - both logistically and intuitively!
Selina Yankson
Executive coach
Thank you, honestly I am blown away with Pensight, it saved me SOOOOO much time and hassle. You must be so proud. I am finishing off the 121 course now then I'm now going to sort out the Group / cohort offer.
Indira Andrade
Marketing expert
I created an account because I couldn't find a friendly platform for selling services and digital products and when I found it I fell in love with it. It had what I needed to get my business off the ground and they continue to improve it
Hassan Akram
Careers Coach
Pensight has completely changed my coaching business. I have seen 10x growth. It's easy to use for me and clients love how simple it is. Using Pensight is probably the best strategic decision I've made. Recommend it without hesitation.
Jordan Hardgrave
Life coach
When I saw Pensight I was like sign me up! This is like a coach's dream. They've literally just continuously upgraded every SINGLE thing that I've requested for. Let Pensight do the logistics, you focus on coaching and changing people’s lives.
Jessica Decker
Business Mentor
I love pensight so much. I love everything it has to offer & recommend it to everyone I meet. I started with another company and found you guys so glad I did.
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All in one with Pensight. Save over $300 in monthly app expenses. We do all the heavy lifting.
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Link-in-bio page
Customisable link-in-bio page that also hosts your products
$24/month for
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Subscription & Payment Plans
Offer subscription payments and instalments for your products
$199/month for
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Video calls and recording
Integrated video calls that just work when you need it.
$119/year for
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Automated scheduling
Scheduling and calendar integrations with email reminders.
$8/month for
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Unlimited digital products
Set up in minutes and sell without limits
13% fee from Gumroad
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Custom Domains and Forms
Personalise with your domain and custom forms for your products
$19/month for
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