How To Edit Your Availability And Link Your Google Calendar with Pensight

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August 30, 2023

Your 1:1 Session availability defines when your clients can request your time. You can manage your 1:1 Session availability via the Calendar page in your account. If you don't set your 1:1 sessions to be auto-confirmed you will always have a choice to accept a meeting request or not giving another layer of control over who and when you want to meet.

We'll cover these topics here:

  • Editing recurring availability
  • Editing minimum and maximum notice periods
  • Linking your Google or Outlook Calendars
  • Marking yourself unavailable on specific days and times
Editing Recurring Availability

Availability in the Calendar is defined in weekly recurring time blocks. To edit it head to the Calendar and click Edit Availability at the top Right:

Click Edit Availability to edit the recurring time slots you are available for meetings

In the Edit mode you will be able to add or remove slots for when you are available. You can do it by dragging and dropping on an open space in the calendar or clicking anywhere and manually entering the beginning and end time on a slot.

Click on the white space to add a new slot. Or on an existing slot to edit it.

Once you finished editing, click Finish Editing at the top right to save your new recurring availability.

Editing minimum and maximum notice periods

You can  adjust minimum notice period (the minimum time before the call when the clients are allowed to request your time) and maximum notice period (how far in the future clients can request your time) in the Calendar page too.

You will see these settings on the right side panel under Booking Notices:

Set minimum and maximum booking notices here

In the image above 24 hours is the minimum booking notice - it means your clients will only be allowed to request your time with at least a 24 hour notice. The 90 days notice here means that the furthest day in the future clients can request a meeting with you is 90 days away.

Linking your Google or Outlook Calendars

You can connect your Google or Outlook calendars to Pensight which will allow any times that you are busy to be taken out of your Pensight availability. This helps to prevent any possible clashes with your commitments outside Pensight. The only data Pensight reads from your calendar is specific times your are free or busy, we do not have access to any other data about your meetings, keeping this link as private as possible.

Your Google or Outlook meeting will be excluded from your availability when you link the calendars

Marking yourself unavailable on specific days and times

Pensight calendar only allows editing recurring availability, but if you want to mark yourself unavailable on specific days you can easily do that via your linked Google or Outlook calendar. Go to your linked calendar and create a "busy" slot at a specific time you are not available for booking. Through your linked calendar Pensight will pick it up that you are busy and exclude that slot from your availability.

Make sure that when you click on the Google calendar event, it shows your status as "Busy" rather than "Free".

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