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June 30, 2022

Zoom + Calendly + Paypal + Wordpress = Pensight

Whether you're running an online coaching business, a consultancy, or an online course, you have probably used lots of software tools to deliver your services and paid for some too. The admin part of running an online business is painful, especially while trying to scale. 

Let's look at some of the tools that you might be using now: 

  • Calendly - for scheduling and appointment management
  • Zoom or Google Hangouts - for running video calls
  • Paypal - for accepting payments globally
  • Google Docs or Sheets - for keeping your notes and client records
  • Loom - for recording your sessions 
  • Google Drive - for storing and organising everything
  • Whatsapp or IG dm’s - for communicating with your clients
  • WordPress or Webflow - for building and hosting your website
  • Gumroad - for selling your digital products…. 

I mean, the list goes on and on 👩‍💻🤦‍♀️. It's so hard to keep track and it consumes a lot of time, energy, and money. Instead of focusing on what you are passionate about - becoming better as a coach and delivering more value to your clients - you end up spending your time navigating from one tool to another and making sure they work together.

Automate, don't work late 

Pensight was made by coaches for coaches, taking into consideration your entire user journey, to streamline and automate running and scaling your online business.

Easy calendar integration and timezone conversion

Scheduling across timezones and managing rescheduling is not easy - we automate it and you can easily sync with your Google or Outlook calendars to control your availability and eliminate double bookings and back-and-forth emails. Pensight also takes care of email notifications and we can also send you SMS reminders if you prefer.

Whether your clients are across town or across an ocean, we auto-detect client time zones and do the maths so you don't have to.

Keep track of your clients, and keep your clients on track

Keep clients engaged during your coaching session via chat and questionnaires. Track the coaching journey with session notes and chat across the complete booking history with each client. You can also record your sessions, so you and your clients can always revisit the sessions. It makes it easy for you to improve and for your clients to feel there is stored value after each session to increase retention.

Keep it all in one place. 

Group sessions, digital products like premium videos, coaching sessions bundles - you can offer any digital product and it all sits in one place.

Build a beautiful personal storefront and individual landing pages to sell and manage all your links and products. You can offer multi-session packages with agreements & intake forms. You can also track your earnings, clients, conversions to make sure your business grows as expected.

Pensight is a game-changer. See it for yourself here 💥

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