How to increase sales by overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs

Written by
Hadi Haboobi
January 1, 2023

For your audience to buy your high ticket offer, they need to say yes (at least subconsciously) to the following questions about you:

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Do you understand me and my problems?
  3. Do I trust and believe you can help me?

To do that, we need to be great at building authority by providing consistent value; and building an emotional connection by being vulnerable, which allows your audience to be vulnerable with you and open up about their root problems behind the symptoms that people initially share. 

Usually, what stops us from showing up consistently to our audience and reaching out to have those conversations, is not that we don’t know how to reach out.

It’s the stories and beliefs we have that chip away at our capabilities, create resistance and drain our energy and impact execution. 

What if I am not qualified enough?
What if they think I just want their money and I sound too salesy?

Can I really ask people that much for my services?

Those are questions I used to ask and my clients ask that divert our focus, drains our energy and impacts the quality of our actions and thinking. 

Fear, negative feelings and doubt kill more dreams than lack of ability. This doesn’t just happen to coaches, but you see it time and time again with musicians, leaders and sportspeople. 

We can be extremely skillful, but our mind and that internal critic come in the way. 

We create mountains and walls when they don’t need to exist. And removing those mountains can be the best thing we can do to improve the quality and frequency of our actions and decision making, creating better results and more sales. 

How to reduce brain resistance

There are 3 main brain resistance impacting action quality and consistency

Unfortunately I can’t go through all the steps required to overcome all these resistances (that’s what I do over 8 weeks in my coaching), but I want to share one tool that impacts all to some degree. 

Neutralising charges

Our brain’s main function is survival. And if it can do that in the laziest way to save energy then that’s double brownie points. 

Our brain is more focused on short term survival than our long term joy, growth or impact, unless we train it.

The mind will typically magnify the possible pain points from any situation it perceives as dangerous, to try to stop you from moving towards it.  

Dangerous can be not having clarity on how to structure your day to achieve an outcome so you procrastinate to remove yourself from the discomfort and perceived threat of the unknown. 

Or it can be due to being in a present situation that the mind has interpreted as dangerous based on past events – e.g., getting rejected and feeling pain in the past and therefore the mind will throw whatever it can to remove the possibility of getting rejected and experiencing that pain again. 

See how our mind can come in the way of taking action, even though you want to consciously achieve a goal – like generate more sales. 

To remove the fear we need to first reduce the magnitude of the pain associated with the fear, which will result in better mental and emotional states from which to take better quality and consistent action. 

The truth is, there are many events that you feared and that happened but something great occurred from them e.g. breaking up with a partner and finding your other half, or losing your job and going into business etc. 

What seems as a threat in the moment can be a great thing that happens when interpreted at a later time or in a different way. 

Here is a tool you can use to neutralise each fear you have:

1. Identify the fear: e.g. fear business failing

2. Define what the fear means to you

Not enough saying I fear ‘business failing’. What needs to happen for you to say your business is failing.  E.g., ‘Earning less than $500 for 6 months straight’ is a clear definition for your mind. Choose your definition. 

3. Define what is the extreme opposite of that fear occurring

e.g., Earning $20k per month for a whole year

4. List 10+ benefits of fear occurring (you can also identify the benefits of the benefits identified)

E.g. I learn how to better manage my emotions, I learn how to deal with a setback which will help me with future bigger setbacks, pay no taxes, It pushes me to learn more business skills etc.

5. List 10+ drawbacks of the opposite of the fear happening

E.g. I get complacent and can lose it all, I start to think I am too smart and gifted, which impacts the relationships I have right now, I start to attract fake friends etc. 

6. Once we neutralise the charge, we can think better and more creatively. What are 10 actions you can take now to lower the probability of fear happening (actions needs to be clear enough to be given to another person and that person will be able to execute perfectly without asking questions)?

7. What are 2 reasons you can be grateful for this perceived fear?

E.g. it allowed me to create a plan that I took more seriously and saved me future pain. 

8. What will you do if the fear occurs?

Not only have you neutralised the impact of the fear, you have a plan to mitigate the fear where possible and a plan for if the fear materialises, which results in less internal resistance and better quality action and decision making. 


Our brain resistance drains our energy, and makes it harder to stay consistent in adding value, and deeply listen to what is being communicated by your prospect or audience. 

This makes it harder to build that emotional connection and be seen as an authority in your area, impacting your sales. 

Removing that internal resistance can be a powerful way to increase your output and take more powerful consistent action. 

If you feel like you need help with overcoming limiting beliefs or stories that are making it harder to break through that revenue ceiling, then reach out over here, where we can identify where the bottleneck is and how to overcome this. 

👉 Up Next: How to increase sales by stepping into your most focused states

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