How to magnetize soul clients that bring joy and business growth

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October 25, 2022

“Wow! I just had the most amazing and energizing call with one of my clients!” This is how all your coaching calls should end, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some coaches think that if they filter their clients according to how their energies synchronize, their revenue will go down. But this is the best action you can take for your business: focusing on your ideal client profile. It will bring you the best customer relationship you can hope for, where you and your client leave the call feeling satisfied and energized and in the long-run contribute to sustained business growth.

But how do you find these amazing clients, and how do you connect with them? We invited Joanna to The Coach Tribe podcast to shed some light on how to attract soul clients, connect with vulnerability, and create content that resonates with your ideal clients. Tune in here to listen to the full episode!

How to start attracting soul clients

Firstly, what are soul clients? They are the ideal clients, kindred spirits like soulmates, your hardcore fans that you find so much pleasure and energy working with, and those you should fill your business with.

The first step to attracting soul clients is understanding who they are. Look within yourself and ask yourself: what kind of coach are you? A mistake people make is thinking that having clients with opposite personalities to theirs is the best idea. This strategy might work for coaches who find the contrast energizing. However, for Joanna and many others, this led them to burnout. They were overdelivering and putting a lot of energy into calls, only to get out of them drained. Instead, when you get out of a session with a soul client, your energy levels should be over the roof, and you should feel ready to take on any challenges that might come your way. Find out more about cultivating superfans!

And while there are a lot of channels and methods you can use to find and communicate with your soul clients, the journey should start with an authentic and unique brand message. Without this, you’re just wasting your energy and budget on gaining an audience that will not convert.

To find out the symptoms which tell you it’s time to address your messaging, check out part 1 of the article.

How to connect with vulnerability

Perfection is portrayed and promoted everywhere, especially on social media, which is why today, many people find it challenging to express vulnerability in their messaging. Displaying vulnerability means going beyond the perfect image and showing that while you excel in some areas, there is still room for improvement in others.

But vulnerability attracts your ideal clients who support your business' sustained growth. So how do you find the courage to display vulnerability to attract your ideal clients? You need to step into the version of your future self that you want to become. It’s all about self-worth and reminding yourself that you are good enough and have what it takes to succeed. Take that brave step you have been on the fence about: accept a podcast invitation, message people putting forward your offer, or start that Facebook group! You can find more helpful tips on how to deal with impostor syndrome here.

Tip: To overcome the fear of being vulnerable in your messaging, take Joanna’s example and write a manifesto of things you won’t tolerate anymore: “I’m not going to work with unengaging clients anymore,” “I’m going to show up in the power of my mission, even if the things I am doing feel uncomfortable.” This process will ensure you’re always aligned with your mission, bringing you joy and sales in the long run. The best thing you can do for your business is to be yourself.

Creating content to attract soul clients

Creating content that converts and brings ideal clients can be a real struggle: from brainstorming to creating a content calendar. If we were to do a checklist with things you need to do before starting to create content, it would look like this:

  • Brand stories
  • Brand mission
  • A unique place in the industry and within your niche

After you’ve got these nailed down, you need to add the secret ingredient: your essence. Your content needs to be energetically aligned with your full expression, with how you like to show up, and it needs to be consistent. Start an inquiry and write down what you’re naturally good at. You can use this to create unique content that you love making and share your message in places where your energy is infectious and magnetic. This will ensure that your messaging will resonate with your soul clients. From here on, you can use marketing strategies and techniques to amplify your message. Click here for 100+ marketing tools for digital marketers

Balancing taking your time and pushing yourself

“It took me four months to create my Facebook profile. Is this too long”? When deciding if you should push yourself or allow yourself to take the necessary time, you should listen to your intuition. And the process is straightforward: if you are experiencing negative feelings, it’s time to make a change; if you are experiencing positive emotions, it’s okay to take your time and enjoy where you are.

Firstly, if you have a step or action you’ve wanted to take for a while but kept postponing, you will feel a real weight on you energetically. You’re not going to show up for your business with the same energy, and it’s time to take that step. In reverse, if you’re happy, it’s probably because you’re doing other great things that have an effect, and this activity is less important, so you don’t need to take any actions. Your intuition speaks to you in the language of emotion: if it’s negative, it needs an action; if it’s positive, you’re doing fantastic; carry on.

Now that you know everything about what your ideal clients look like, you’re ready to start converting your audience into clients. Begin your journey with organic marketing here.

This is just a summary of our discussion with Joanna. To hear all the tips and strategies shared, check out the entire conversation on your favorite podcast app or YouTube

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