Integrate Pensight with your Squarespace website

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September 9, 2022

There are multiple ways you can embed Pensight to your web page, but if you’re looking for best user experience we recommend embedding a pop-up Pensight modal, which will make the experience and interactions smooth and user friendly.

For the Pensight modal you’ll need a SquareSpace Business account. Although you can still embed Pensight button which will open checkout in a new tab with SquareSpace Free and Personal plans.

To set up the modal:

1. Get the embed code snippet: to grab the embed code snippet head to your products page and select Embed Widget from the context menu of the product you want to embed.

2. Make sure to select SquareSpace (Premium) and “Open Pensight in Modal”. Click “Copy” in the Embed HTML field to copy the code.

3. Open your SquareSpace website in edit mode, click “Add Block” button and select “Code“

4. Place your element to desired location on your page and paste the Pensight embed code

5. Publish your site and you’re ready to go!

You can also embed Pensight with Squarespace free account, just choose "" on Pensight code generator, and under "Open Pensight in" select "New browser tab". Then just follow same instructions.

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