Use Zapier to connect your Pensight clients to your newsletter

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May 1, 2023

Do you have a mailing list and want to automatically add your Pensight clients to it? Pensight now allows to connect your client list to your email newsletter provider of choice via Zapier.

Who you’ll be able to add to your mailing list on Zapier:

  1. Clients who got free or paid products from you
  2. Clients who started a purchase but did not finish
  3. Clients that submitted their email via subscribe form on your Pensight Page

You can watch a video below or read through the detailed instructions.

Let’s dig into the set up of your integration and start collecting some leads for your business!

As an example here, we will set up a link that sends client emails from Pensight to MailChimp.

First thing first you will need a Zapier account, go to this page and create your Zapier account:

Create a Zap

After signing up you should select “Build a Zap”

Select the trigger application

As soon as your account is created select Pensight as the application you would like to connect (you’ll only see one version on your screen):

Select Pensight

Now you can select the event you are interested in.

There are two types of events on Pensight you can connect:

  1. A client completed an order
  2. A client submitted a form (this refers to an email collection form you can add on your Pensight page)

For connecting email input on your page to Zapier, select “a client submitted a form”, then click Continue:

Connect your account

Click on “Connect a new account” or select an account that is already connected.

A pop up will appear, where you should enter your Pensight log-in details to allow Zapier to connect to your profile on Pensight.

When you are connected you should see this page:

Test the trigger

Click on “Test trigger”, this will pull sample data for you to test your integration.

You should see a name and an email.

Click on “Continue”

Select your action

Search and select Mailchimp, or your favourite email marketing provider.

Select the event Add/Update Subscriber. This will help you to add a new lead to your marketing campaign.

Click on “Continue”

Connect your Mailchimp account

Click on sign in.

A popup should open, enter your MailChimp details and login.

You should now be connected with MailChimp!

Click on “Continue”.

Set up your MailChimp action

Enter the required information into the MailChimp action.

You can now scroll to the end and click on “Continue”

Test your action

Click on “Test & Continue”

After the test has succeeded you can publish your Zap, just click on “Publish Zap”

Congratulation, your Zap is now up and running, and you are now collecting your emails!

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