Does Pensight have a mobile app?

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January 11, 2023

No, Pensight doesn't have a mobile app - Pensight operates fully in the web browser on both desktop and mobile devices for you and your clients.

There are a few key benefits of why we prefer in-browser experience:

  1. Accessibility: A web app can be accessed from any device with a web browser, whereas a mobile app can only be used on a specific type of device (i.e. smartphones or tablets).
  2. Distribution and Installation: A web app does not need to be downloaded or installed, your clients will only need to submit an email and they’ll have access to chat, video calls, video call recordings and everything else Pensight offers. Whereas a mobile app must be downloaded and installed through an app store which is extra friction for your services.
  3. Cost: Using a web app we can avoid app store fees which leads to better value pricing for you.
  4. Updating: Web apps are automatically updated and don't require any user intervention. Mobile apps can get out of date and are more difficult to maintain which means slower product development, and slower access to new features for you.

We work to make it as easy and as universal experience for you and your clients as possible!

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