DO's and DON'Ts: How to Sell/NOT to Sell on Facebook Messenger

Written by
Maria Grigore
February 1, 2022

In my previous article, where I explain in detail How to Efficiently use FB Messenger to Sell, we concluded that, when it comes to chat conversations, our job is to build trust, qualify prospects and identify if our offer can help.

These are some some extra points to consider:

  • Goals. Just like with all online marketing, you need to be very clear about what you’re trying to accomplish with these messages. Different goals will require different messaging strategies. Before designing conversations, it’s important to know what your goals are.
  • Conversation Flow:

1) Create some conversation starters that have a direct call to action to start a conversation in your DMs.

2) Start conversations with permission, usually involving a promise to give something cool, or just to send across more details.

3) Start engaging on chat with a pre-defined chat flow, so you know how and where to steer the conversation.

  • There is always somehow a gap to solve, that’s why coaches get hired, either to help someone reach a goal or to solve a problem. Find out what your prospects need and if you can help, tailor your offer to their needs.
  • Try not to make the conversations feel like an interrogation ❌. There’s no flow to that. What you want to do is build a relationship.

1) You give them some positive reinforcement when they do what you want.

2) Show them you understand but don’t show them how to solve their problem.

3) Ask the next question.

  • The power of your Messenger messages depends entirely on how engaging and effective your writing is. Make it punchy.

1)Lots of messages, nice and short, emojis, GIFs.

2)The more friendly and short your messages, the more people are likely to engage with them.

  • Take some shortcuts. Know what text you’re going to send and use a tool to keep those common snippets of the conversation. You can just drop them in as you need them.
  • Have your prospect’s best interest at heart. The right recommendation will encourage customers to come back and buy and buy again. 💜


Remember, what you want to do is build a relationship. It’s a little bit slower. But slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Nonetheless, you do not need a big following. Start with what you have, identify your clients really well, talk in a language they fully understand and serve them as greatly as you possible can. You’ve got this! 😎

Read here the detailed article on How To Efficiently Use Facebook Messenger To Sell

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