The 5 elements of high-ticket offers

Written by
MiMi Dabo
August 19, 2022

This week's blog guest is MiMi Dabo, a High-Ticket Business Coach and the Creator of The Divine Intuitive Millionaire Experience.

Mimi supports extraordinary coaches just like you to co-create a wildly successful life and business, and scale their coaching business to multiple 6 figures or their first (or second) $1 Million without sacrificing their faith, family, freedom, or peace of mind. In this series of articles, Mimi will teach us all about how to structure High-Ticket Offers to serve more deeply and get the desired results.

According to Mimi, for many coaches, the idea of selling High-Ticket Coaching Offers and co-creating exponential impact may seem like just another dream on a pedestal. Yet, they also know there’s something powerful and life-changing about growing a coaching business that creates extraordinary impact at the highest level.

So, how do we pivot our existing coaching offers to serve at our deepest level? We turn the current mainstream coaching business model on its head. Instead of working our way up to some self-imposed ladder with low-ticket products, we start with higher-ticket coaching offers with a wider range of impact, a deeper level of transformation, and a longer-term timeframe. 

We move from selling $997 coaching offers to creating more expansive offers with the highest transformation and work our way down the ladder on our own terms. We ignore the BIG lie that it’s easier to sell low-ticket offers than it is to sell High-Ticket Coaching Offers.

While “High-Ticket Coaching Offers” means something different to every coach, for purposes of this article, I’m referring to coaching offers of over $15,000.

What are high-ticket coaching offers? 

When it comes to High-Ticket Coaching Offers, there are 5 distinctive elements that distinguish it from everything else in the industry:

  1. Identity
  2. Assignment
  3. Expansion
  4. Deep Transformation
  5. Personalized Experience

 Two of these relate to you as the coach and three relate to the offer itself.

1) Identity

Identity is key because once you remember who you are, you step into your authentic power and make decisions aligned with your highest goals and intention. You operate from divinity and know that you can trust yourself to create an offer that creates the best transformation for your clients.

You stop looking for the HOW and lean into genuine curiosity and your next-level genius without searching for strategies, systems, and blueprints outside of you.

Making a massive impact and creating holistic wealth in every area of life, including more money, always begins with remembering who you are.

2) Assignment

What do you want your work to do in the world?

When you’re clear on the work you’re here to do in the world, and the impact of that work on the clients you’re here to serve, you don’t conform to formulas. 

You create your own rules, dream up your playground and co-create aligned strategies and systems that support you to confidently serve at your deepest level.

3) Expansion

One thing that distinguishes a $100K High-Ticket Coaching Offer or a $25K High-Ticket Coaching Offer from a $1997 coaching offer, other than the price, is exponential expansion. 

Your ability to create a playground that supports your clients to expand into what’s possible for them and take them beyond their biggest vision. 

4) Deep Transformation

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer supports clients to co-create transformation beyond what they imagined possible, for holistic impact in every area of their life. As a coach, it challenges you to go deeper and step up to what the offer demands of you.

5) Personalized Experience

A High-Ticket Coaching Offer speaks directly to the heart of an aligned High-Ticket Client because it is customized to the client’s desires, challenges, and outcomes or results. Every element of that offer supports the client to collapse timelines and create exponential results with the highest rate of return on investment.

Now that we have all 5 elements of a High-Ticket Coaching Offer in place, let’s dive right in and bring to life your own Higher-Ticket Coaching Offer.

👉 Up Next: 7 Key steps to structuring a potent High-Ticket Coaching Offer

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