The Tool that will Change the way you Work! Work Smart with Loom Video and its 10+ Use Cases

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Pensight Experts
February 1, 2022
Loom is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal, and this article is all about teaching you how to make the best out of it! Whether you want to use it for sales, training or client support calls, you’ll want to read this!

As described in our previous article, Loom is a screen recording app which allows you to quickly record your screen and share it with your customer or team. What sets Loom apart from other screen recording apps is that it automatically records your face too!

Do you ever find yourself writing a really long email? Next time, catch yourself in the middle of writing it and record a video with Loom instead.👇

Loom can increase efficiency and value to clients soooo much. Imagine the time you save by being able to send videos explaining a product, problem or solution. Not even to mention that Loom helps you communicate clearly to your clients as well as team, so there's less room for error/misunderstanding! Pretty cool, right?

Tip: If you already use Loom, then you might want to jump straight to the second part of the article and read about Loom’s multiple use cases. I bet some use cases haven’t even crossed your mind. Thank us latter! 😇

  • Easily record your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio
  • Automatically save videos to the cloud and share them instantly with a link
  • Organise your videos in Folder
Product Benefits:
  • Easy screencast videos.
  • Speed of sharing ideas + super fast to go from screen recording to shar
  • It's free for the basic version and very affordable for the premium ($10 per month)
  • They've got a great Folder system that lets you create shareable folders for client videos, team videos, and more.
  • It's easy to embed files into a website, copy/paste the link into an email, or download and upload to a website.
  • Viewers can leave time-based comments and emoji reactions & get notified when someone views, reacts, or comments on your video

  • Facilitates personal connection
  • A huge reduction in rework when sharing “how to” content.
  • Easily document bugs and errors for faster troubleshooting.
  • message is sent faster and understood better

10 Loom Use cases

1) Introductory videos - Just got a new prospect/ social media connection? You can  record a 1-minute welcome video to tell them how happy you are to be connected and to introduce yourself (Learn how to use Loom Videos to personalize Facebook messaging or cold emails here).

2) Create Product Demo Videos

3) Welcome videos - Just got a new customer? Record a 1minute welcome video to welcome the customer to your company. A short introductory video after a customer closes is a great way to kick off your customer journey.

4) Record Software Tutorials

5) Product Updates: Quickly record a how-to video for onboarding of a new feature

6) Answer Client Queries

7) Asking for feedback from clients/colleagues

8) Record onboarding sessions to new employees or deliver trainings for colleagues/partners

9) Demonstrate issues for technical support: it’s a safe bet that demonstrating and verbally describing most technology issues will save you time, and be appreciated on the other end.
Simultaneously, a video showing how to fix a problem is much much easier to follow than written instructions.

10) Daily communication

e.g Loom is well-suited for web designers who need to communicate designs with team members or clients in a quick and visual way

Extra use case: Record online courses


Today's service professionals spend a significant amount of time communicating. Communication is at the forefront of getting new business and providing your service.

We believe that Loom is a powerful communication tool because 1) talking saves time over typing 2) you can demonstrate your computer screen and 3) you can also add your face which ads a personal touch.

It's worth pausing to learn how it works and storing the information in your mind ready to use whenever needed.

Learn how to use Loom today to save the most valuable resource you have: time, while also making your job easier. 🚀🤘

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