How to Become Harder to Ignore and Start Receiving Replies to your Messages? 🧐

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Pensight Experts
February 1, 2022

It’s easy to ignore a stranger but when a customer sees your face and hears your voice while reading an email or in-app message you sent, it makes an instant connection. You become harder to ignore and the customer becomes more apt to respond.

When people say that “time is money,” what they usually mean is that they don’t have the time to interact in the way only humans can: with warmth, empathy, and attention.

In this regard, one could say that if you’re not sending videos to your customers, then you’re wasting your time and not connecting to your customers as well as you could.

Why? Because through video you communicate your message faster and more efficient and you remind the customer you are a person too!

Additionally, when you just write an email, you are allowing for miscommunications disrupt your message.

Video allows you to use verbal and nonverbal communication to communicate clearly to clients , so there's less room for error/misunderstanding.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth a hundred thousand. And a movie with your face and voice is worth a million!”

Ok! We get the point! Video helps! But how do we use it?


Loom is a screen recording app which allows you to quickly record your screen and share it with your customer. What sets Loom apart from other screen recording apps is that it automatically records your face too! Of course,  you can specify if you want to include your camera, screen only or both screen and camera.

We wanted to highlight Loom because it is free, easy to use, and gives you an extra sense of personality by recording your face too.

In short it lets the viewer see and hear you while also seeing your screen. Pretty cool, right?

The sequence is 1. Start loom (Chrome plugin) 2. Click the RECORD button 3. Record 4. Click the STOP button 5. Copy and paste the URL which Loom automatically generates. Simple as that!

You now have an idea about Loom. Time to learn how to put it to use. 🤘👇

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P.S. The great thing about Loom is that is has multiple ways in which it can be used. Whether you want to use it for sales, training or client support calls, you’ll want to also read this article and discover 10+ Use Cases for Loom.

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