10 Ways to Kickstart Your Coaching Business 10x Quicker and Cheaper

Written by
Maria Grigore
January 26, 2022

Jordan Hardgrave is a certified trauma support specialist and life coach. He's been featured in Forbes, Fox News, NBC, CBS, Yahoo Finance, The Chicago Journal - to name just a few. He's EFT certified and qualified with the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (NACBT) as well as The Arizona Trauma Institute (ATI). He's also an online course creator, a best-selling author, and a family man to boot!

We had the delightful opportunity to sit down with Jordan and talk about his personal journey - how he overcame his own personal difficulties with trauma and set his mission to give back and help those facing similar troubles. Subsequently we talked about his professional journey, how Jordan started coaching and what helped him build a successful online coaching business. Here is what we learned:

10 Key Takeaways from our conversation with Jordan:

  1. Many people struggle to charge for their coaching services. It's an equal value exchange. You should not feel guilty for charging for what you do as you are adding an incredible amount of value. Also, don't forget that it's your time and we only have so much time on this planet.
  2. It's easy to experience "Imposter Syndrome" (feeling unqualified to do what you do) when you compare yourself to world leading experts in your field. Start by doing some  market research or testing your competitor's products and services - many times you'll be surprised to find that you know more than you give yourself credit for.
    Jordan's 3 tips to combat impostor syndrome:
    - Create a short list of your most important coaching achievements (e.g. accolades, testimonials from your clients) and read it every time before going into a coaching session to remind yourself of the amazing things you've already achieved.
    - Start including positive affirmations & positive thinking in your daily life. You need to start speaking confidently about yourself.
    - Experience and resilience are important, so keep going. A lot of people don't journey long enough to have some breakthrough experiences that will transform their beliefs about themselves, build confidence and change their life.
  3. Create your own course to attract more clients. A course is more intimate and it's a great way for you to build a relationship with your audience (e.g. the majority of Jordan's clients came to him after they bought his course). In addition, a course (even 1-2h course) helps you lay the foundation for what you want to coach on. This means you're gonna be able to save a lot of time and see results faster which will make both you and your clients happier.
  4. Everybody should also do group coaching for a low monthly fee because it's a great way to attract people to do more 1:1 coaching. It turns out that whenever people get to spend time with you in a group coaching context they get to a point where they want more privacy, to ask something or be helped in private. It's almost like a free sample e.g. you get a little bite of the cheesecake at the grocery store and then you want to buy the whole thing.
  5. Make it a goal, as quickly as possible to set the minimum number of sessions allowed to three-four (or at least two!). Just doing one-off sessions will most likely lead to burn out.  Also, if you want to last in the long term as a coach, you have to able to get people to see results, go through that transformation. By making them do it all at once, everybody wins: there is more consistency, clients get quicker results and you get increased motivation and revenue.
  6. People don't care of editing and perfect setting as much as you think (good audio is important). What you need to focus on is adding value. People want to know that you can solve their problems and change their life. You are worried about the particulars but they are not.
  7. GET RID OF PERFECTIONISM. Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity. Focus on showing up day in and day out and adding value. Quit waiting until everything is perfect. Just start executing. Start sharing your story. Fix stuff later.
  8. The way your message resonates with your niche can matter more than your technical knowledge of optimising social channels. What it all comes down to: you need to be on social media regularly getting your message out for free, adding an incredible amount of value, day in and day out.
  9. Social media presence is important. But you also have to make yourself as easily accessible as possible for those who want to work with you or buy a course. So put out your contact links everywhere, don't be ashamed to pitch your stuff in your videos, blogs or free content. Shout it from the rooftops - you do coaching, you have a course and you want to change people's lives!
  10. How to stand out? When it comes to being a coach you are your product so you need to be the best at what you do, train all the time, take courses, read books, take notes of what works and what doesn't and have somebody who's the best in your field as your mentor. The way to stand out is to say things that nobody else is saying because you know things that nobody else knows. Improve every day and cultivate that constant learning and curiosity mindset.

Bonus - Pensight is a GAME CHANGER

As a coach, you really have to eliminate the time that you are investing in administrative and logistical stuff because you need to focus on coaching. If you're spending 30% of your day having to go back and forth by email to book the session, figure out if Zoom works or check if you received the payment for the session, you're wasting precious time.

The cool thing about Pensight is that everything is done for you, from the beginning to the end of each client interaction: technology, logistics and business administration. As Jordan says, you literally just have to show up and coach.

Having all the necessary coaching tools integrated in one intuitive platform allows you to stop wasting your time on laborious, repetitive tasks and invest it in things that matter: coaching and changing people's lives.

Take Jordan's word for it: Pensight is a game changer.

So, let us take care of the "boring" stuff and you focus on coaching and changing people's lives. ❤️🤘

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