5 Easy Tips and Techniques to Deal with Imposter Syndrome as a Coach

Written by
Maria Grigore
May 19, 2022

You know your stuff, you know you're a good coach, and you've helped a lot of people. But sometimes you just don't feel like you're good enough.

Sounds familiar? It's called Imposter Syndrome, and it's something a lot of coaches deal with. But don't worry, we've got your back! In this post, we'll teach you how to overcome Imposter Syndrome and be the amazing coach you know you can be!

1. Give yourself some credit and practice gratitude

You've helped a lot of people, and you should be proud of that. Acknowledge your achievements and spend just a couple of minutes to write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for in your coaching practice. Consciously celebrate your wins - it’s one of the quickest ways to boost your confidence

2. Remember that coaching is a learning process

No one knows everything, and that includes coaches. Remember that coaching is a learning process, and you're always going to be learning new things - you can’t know everything, but you can know a little bit more each day.

3. Fake it Till You Make It

One way to overcome Imposter Syndrome is to act like you already feel confident. Imagine that you are an actor playing a confident character that closely resembles yourself - the only thing different is that the character has the confidence that you think you lack. To help yourself to get into character, take a moment to sit up and fix your posture, take a few deep breaths, and slow down the way you talk making your voice deeper. These physiological tricks will help you to act more confident, and  chances are, once you start acting confident, you'll start to feel more confident too!

4. Find a support group

Even though you’re working with people, coaching can feel lonely and isolating sometimes. It can be really helpful to find a support group of other coaches. A group where you can not only learn from others but also share common challenges and difficulties and understand that the problems you are facing are not unique. Your peers will be able to authentically understand what you're going through and offer support. We run a coach group on Pensight where you can meet and reach out to hundreds of coaches, and would love you to join.

5. Know that it's normal to feel insecure at times

Coaching is a challenging profession, and it's normal to feel insecure at times. Remember that stress and insecurity are not negative emotions as such - they are natural responses that help you feel more alert about the things that deeply matter to you. When you remember that you are not alone in this, and approach those moments with focus and positivity, you’ll find it much easier to overcome these difficult situations.

So there you have it - five tips for overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a coach. We hope these tips and techniques will help you feel more confident in your coaching journey!

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