How do you make a high-ticket coaching offer?

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MiMi Dabo
August 19, 2022

Before diving right in and bring to life your own High-Ticket Coaching offer, discover What are high-ticket coaching offers?

7 Key steps to structuring a potent High-Ticket Coaching Offer

There are 7 Key steps to structuring a potent High-Ticket Coaching Offer in any Profitable Coaching Niche.

1. Identify Every Single Detail of Exactly What You Want.

What do you want? I’m sure you’ve heard this question and asked your client this same question 100 times. 

But have you really stopped to dream the bigger dream? To notice what turns you on, lights you up, and fills your joy cup so that you’re still passionate about deeper transformation 20 years from now?

What is the vision for a business you can wrap around your lifestyle? What level of IMPACT do you want to make in your life and in the world?

As you go deeper into your vision, imagine that you could create anything you desire. And if you could dream up your best next-level offer, what would it look like? What would it feel like? What would you be doing, and who would you be doing it with?

Keep on dreaming. A dream that needs all the love you can give. Even if it feels selfish. Especially if it feels uncomfortable. At this point, don’t limit yourself to a particular High-Ticket Coaching Niche, or worry about positioning. This is all about your dream business. 

So, resist the urge to hold back or to try so hard. As you imagine your vision, let go of the rules, the shoulds, the mainstream drama, and focus exclusively on what you want without any constraints.

It all comes down to what you want and what you love and enjoy doing.

Consider that if you cannot imagine what you want for yourself, you cannot expand your client’s vision of what’s possible for her health, life, business, wealth, spirituality, or career.

Become the vision and make it louder than the resistance and anything your brain or mind tells you is true.

2. Identify and Catalog Your Gifts, Skills, Experiences, Tools, Education, and Trainings to Narrow Down Your Niche and Create a Signature System.

Create an expansive vision that considers YOU, and maximizes your brilliance, your gifts, your weirdness, your uniqueness, your zone of genius, the parts of you that you’ve hidden and rejected.

This is the part of you where your genius has been hiding and rebelling against low-ticket offers, stressful tech, fancy funnels, and shiny object syndrome. Your Next Level Genius.

Trust yourself and remember that your genius lies in your gifts. Only your gifts can create a life-altering transformational offer that creates exponential results.

Maximize more of you and your gifts without forcing yourself into another blueprint or formula that’s ten sizes too small for you.

3. Who Do You Want to Play With?

Even if you don’t want to niche down, consider that the audience loves specialization and pays very well for this. So, ask yourself, who you’d love to spend time with the most? 

Most importantly, whose life will be different because of this offer? How will her life be different?

Focus on what this ONE client desires more than anything else and which challenges she’d rather not experience. Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer is the key to every desire they ever wanted to experience.

When you’re considering who to play with, assess why this offer is important to your client, and why it’s the one thing they cannot live without.

Don’t limit yourself to only the quality of clients you’ve worked with in the past and think about your dream coaching client. Who are they, and what do they want?

4. What does your client want?

This is your Playground. 

Your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

This is where you merge what you want, who you want to work with and what your client wants, to create the most expansive offer you’ve ever imagined and the most exponential transformation you can create with your gifts, passion, tools, experiences, skills, trainings, and education.

Knowing that your aligned High-Ticket Coaching Client is tired of coaches offering her what she wants, I invite you to ask yourself, ‘where does my client want to go?’ 

Think about what really wants to emerge for her. And create the outcome-based offer that gives her the best outcome. 

An outcome that she’s never had before. Even after working with some of the best coaches in the world.

Now, this is the part where you’ve probably wondering what to put in your High-Ticket Coaching Offer, or what goes into a $50K or $75K or even $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offer? 

I can tell you one thing. It’s not the kitchen sink.

Let’s look at your signature system or methodology that you use to co-create these amazing outcomes with your clients. What are the key, most valuable touchpoints of that signature system that you can incorporate into a personalized, bespoke coaching offer?

You can still create a customized and highly personalized (to the client) experience even when you use your signature system. It creates a roadmap for your client, so they get a sense of the adventure they’re about to embark on with you.

The key here is simplicity. 

There is little difference between creating a $15K High-Ticket Offer and a $250K High-Ticket Coaching Offer. In fact, the higher value offer is easier to create because you have more creativity, flexibility, and time. 

You can use your experience and genius to create a one-of-a-kind experience that supports you to deliver at your highest level.

This is what your High-Ticket Coaching Client cares about the most. Co-Creating at the highest level with high impact, and high touch value.

What else goes into your High-Ticket Coaching Offer? Exclusivity and Access to you (reasonably of course). You don’t lose your boundaries just because the investment to work with you has an extra zero.

Now that you know you've set a strong foundation, let's discover here the next 3 steps of structuring your High-Ticket Coaching Offer.

👉 Up next: Pricing, Packaging, and Positioning your High-Ticket Offer

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