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Maria Grigore
January 31, 2023

So many of us dream of getting thousands of followers overnight on TikTok. While that is not far from reality, we must first learn to master the basics. In our case, the basics are a simple set of rules that predict the performance of our TikTok videos. Before you read this article, I encourage you to go over the previous one which sets the foundation for this article and presents Rachel Pederson's 12 exclusive strategies to crush it on TikTok.

The number one rule is getting started and gaining traction from 100 videos. Fooled by "fast" success stories, many give up after posting just a few videos. But if you want to have a better idea of whether TikTok is for you or not, you have to give yourself a real chance. This translates into putting out there your first 100 videos. To increase your chances of success, I'll present below the most relevant rules you need to account for when it comes to format, volume, and marketing ecosystem (as presented by Rachel in her latest TikTok exclusive workshop).


There are three critical parts that we have to be aware of:

Hook. The first one is the hook; this is what pulls people in (check here Strategy 13 to discover the three types of hooks). If your video hasn't taken off, you can repost the same video but with a different hook.

Value. The second part is the value that you give. In this regard, it's encouraging to know that most people are not good at telling stories in 60 seconds; great storytelling is very hard. To help with that, you can present 3 to 11 points of value on a specific topic (and number them). It's essential to be as concise as possible and to try to make every word count.

CTA. The third part is the call to action. This is where you ask people to follow for more, comment, go to your link-in-bio, and so on. You can use your voice, stickers, or caption to guide them to take the desired action.


Let's start with one of the core principles: consistency is more important than frequency. Some post 5-10 videos a day other post 3-5 videos a week. Both work; it is more important to find a pace that you can sustain over a more extended period than to post a lot in the beginning and not be able to keep up. Yet, it is worth mentioning that there is a snowball effect, so the more content you create (following these rules), the more followers you'll get.

Tip: Although you start creating content on TikTok because this is where the culture begins (see what I mean here), you should then use it on other platforms to build your online presence. Use to remove the watermark and share the same video from TikTok on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels. Now you see how a single video can generate a lot of value.

Myth buster: Posting multiple videos at once will not decrease the chances of success of each video because TikTok is a delayed release platform (that's why sometimes it takes a while till you can have views on your content). When a platform is non-chronological (none of the platforms are currently chronological), for the most part, content doesn't negatively affect other content because different videos can be served simultaneously to different audiences. This means that when platforms are non-chronological, you can flood them with content.

Simultaneously, the best time to post doesn't matter as much because good content will perform no matter when you post it.

"My content didn't perform; I must have posted it at the wrong time."

Nope. The most significant tweak you can make to content to make it work is CHANGING THE HOOK. The second most effective change you can make is changing the caption and the hashtags (discover more here).


We have already established there is a massive hype around TikTok. Still, when people create on TikTok, most have no idea how that will benefit their business. So then the question is: once the audience is consuming our content, how do we take them to what's next?

According to Rachel, creating a bridge is the only way to do that. Luckily, a natural bridge is built into TikTok, the link in your bio. This is where you bridge your content to more FREE value (e.g., a group, a community, a PDF, a training, a Master Class, a YouTube video, a podcast episode). Tip: Although creating freebies to build your email list (and give even more value) is a great strategy, it's essential to ensure that the value you provide in return for people's emails and time is legit.

Attention: It is helpful to know that because TikTok has multiple versions working simultaneously, some users might not have access to links-in-bio immediately. If that's you, you can still link your Instagram and Youtube, and there, you can use as many links as you need to by using a tool like Pensight.

Whether they use it as a direct link in bio for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, many coaches and creators started using tools like Pensight, which allow them to share multiple links, products, and resources in one place depending on the prospect's needs (check it out here).

With these rules in place, it is crucial to remember to track metrics that matter. Views and followers are not everything (better track the leads generated). Yet, we have to remember that everything is a process. Rather than overthinking over creating 100 videos and implementing the above tactics, find one-two things that apply the best to you and take little action steps on those in the next 48 hours. You've got this!🚀

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